Vendoo Review: Everything You Need to Know (2021)

If you’re a reseller then you might be interested in cross posting (or some call it cross listing) your items across multiple marketplaces to increase the chances of your item selling. Previously you would have to do this work manually, but not anymore!!

Uploading photos and filling out listing pages for Ebay, Poshmark, Mercari and Etsy one by one is so tedious and takes what seems like FOREVER. But once I discovered Vendoo I had found one of the most crucial tools to help me save time and increase my income because I can now quickly and simply get my items cross posted to multiple platforms in a matter of minutes.

Updated 8/21/21

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Don’t want to read a whole blog post and just want to know if you should give Vendoo a try?

Is Vendoo worth it?

If you’re a reseller who wants to cross post items to make more sales, then Vendoo is absolutely worth it! Depending on how many items you list per month, the cost of Vendoo can generally be covered by one or two extra sales and in my personal experience, it bumps my sales much more than the cost of the subscription. Sign up with this link for 25% off your first month of Vendoo.

Need a little more info? Keep reading 🙂

What does Vendoo do?

Vendoo is a crossposting or cross listing app for Resellers who sell on

  • Ebay
  • Poshmark
  • Mercari
  • Etsy
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Grailed
  • Depop
  • Tradesy
  • Kidizen

Ebay, Poshmark, Mercari and Etsy. You can use Vendoo so that you can list your items on multiple platforms, or marketplaces, without manually having to take the time to do it. It has literally saved me hours and hours of work because you can cross post items quickly.

In addition to cross posting, you can also track your inventory, where it’s been listed, when and where it’s sold and so many other great features.

Vendoo Discount Code

If you want to save 25% on your first month, you can sign up with this link!

Why should you use Vendoo to crosspost?

If you’re a reseller looking to increase your income and you haven’t started crossposting then I really recommend giving it a try. Cross posting simply means taking an item that you have listed on one marketplace and posting it on an additional marketplace in order to increase your chances of selling it. 

Vendoo makes it easy to do the actual cross posting, but it also assists you in keeping track of where your inventory is posted and removing those items once they’ve sold so that you don’t accidentally sell something twice.

Want to see more? Below is a video I did on Vendoo (Click here to subscribe to my channel + never miss a video!)

What does Vendoo include?

When you sign up for Vendoo, you automatically get the following features included in your subscription.

  • 3 Marketplaces (Choose from Ebay, Poshmark, Mercari and Etsy)
  • Image hosting
  • Image resizer and editor
  • Inventory Page

Vendoo Pricing

The pricing for using Vendoo is extremely reasonable considering your sales should increase when you start cross-posting your items. There is a free trial option where you can cross post up to 5 items per month, however, the lowest option is just $8.99 per month for up to 25 items per month and if you use this link you can get 25% off your first month!

Vendoo Add Ons

Once you subscribe to Vendoo there are some really helpful add ons that you can include in your subscription for just an additional $4.99 per month. Let me go over them for you because I use and LOVE (no seriously – LOVE) two of the three.

Importing Add On

The importing add on allows you to import items from one marketplace to another. For example, if you have 50 existing listings on Ebay and you want to move them over to Poshmark or Mercari, you can add the Importing add on. The screenshot above shows you what the importing screen looks like and how easy it is!

When you have this add on it will connect to your account and pull all of your listings so that you can select the listings you want to import to cross post and it will pull all of the information and photos for you!

This is great if you aren’t listing your items directly in Vendoo or if you already have some items posted that you want to cros spost.

Delist and Relist Add On

I absolutely LOVE this feature. As resellers we know that some things take longer than others to sell. However, if you have something listed for months the chances of it selling generally goes down. On ebay your item will stop being shown to as many buyers the longer it’s listed. On Poshmark if someone searches by “Just In”, your item will be hidden under all the new listings and on Mercari your item will be pushed down as well.

However, with the Delist and Relist add on you can literally delist the item (remove it from the marketplace) with the push of a button and then simply click “relist” and it will relist it as a brand new, fresh listing for you. I cannot tell you how easy this makes it to refresh items that have been sitting for a while!

All Marketplace Add On

The last add on is the all marketplaces add on. With a standard Vendoo subscription you can list on 3 maretplaces from their list of supported marketplaces. However, if you want to list on all of them you can just add all marketplaces by paying $4.99/month for this add on.

Vendoo Analytics Add On

This add on is actually free at the time of this post, but I think they are going to make it an add on in the future. I absolutely LOVE Vendoo analytics because it allows you to easily track your profit, sales per platform, etc. Check out the screenshot below and this post all about Vendoo analytics.

Can I get a Vendoo Coupon Code?

If you want to save 25% off of your first month on Vendoo just follow this link and it will automatically give you the discount on your first month. No code needed, just use the link and it’ll be automatic.

Note: if you’ve already created an account and it’s not showing the 25% off discount please note that you have to purchase your subscription from the same device you used to sign up.

Google Chrome Extension

To use Vendoo you do need to be using Chrome as your browser and you need to make sure you have the Vendoo extension installed. It’s pretty easy to install and set up so don’t worry if you’re not super tech savvy! This is what allows Vendoo to cross post your items through your browser.

Is Vendoo safe to use?

Absolutely! You actually log into your own accounts in your browser and then it connects to Vendoo that way. You don’t provide or store your login information directly in Vendoo.

Vendoo Pros and Cons

While I personally love Vendoo for cross posting, I did want to give you a list of pros and cons so that you can take a quick look yourself


  • Has the potential to increase your sales by getting your items in front of more people
  • Saves time when cross posting (I found it saves me 5+ minutes per item vs cross posting to 4 platforms manually!)
  • You can track your inventory, where it’s listed and when/where it sold
  • Import listings with basically no effort with the Import add on
  • Delist and Relist items with the click of a button with the add on
  • When you mark an item as sold it will automatically be removed from the other marketplaces that it was listed on
  • Automatically converts photos to a square for Poshmark, great if you’re cross posting from Ebay to Poshmark
  • Analytics will show you your profit, which platforms you’re selling the most on, etc.
  • Customer service is great – they usually get back to me pretty quickly!
  • Affordable! If you make a couple extra sales per month, it should help cover the cost.


  • Can’t be used on a phone, you must be on a computer
  • I do occasionally run into a few glitches, but they have been quick to get back to me in resolving any issues that come up.
  • It is a paid subscription (up to 5 listings per month is free)

Final Thoughts on Vendoo

If you’re looking to up your reselling game and cross post, or maybe you’re already crossposting your items and you want to save time then I wholeheartedly recommend using Vendoo. It has saved me so much time and helped me make extra money by being able to get my items in front of as many people as possible.

Ready to sign up for Vendoo? Use this link to get 25% off your first month!

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