How To See Sold Listings on eBay to Help Price Your Items

If you’re just getting started on eBay, one thing you’re going to want to learn is how to see sold listings on eBay! The main reason eBay sellers want to see sold listings is so that they can see a specific item is selling for and can price their item correctly, but there are some other reasons I will outline at the bottom as well.

In this article, I’ll show you how to see sold listings on eBay’s website as well as the app so you can research the market value of items you’re planning to sell.

How to See Sold Listings on Ebay via Computer

If you’re working off a computer and want to see sold listings through their website follow the steps below:

ebay search free people dress
  1. Find the search bar and do a search. This could be for a specific brand, a serial number, whatever information you have on the item you want to research.
search sold listings on ebay

2. Once the results pop up, locate the filters on the left side and scroll to where it says “Show only” then click the checkbox next to “Sold Items”. It will automatically select completed items as well.

That’s literally it. Now you can see all of the search results for sold listings. From here you can look at the results, tweak your search as needed, etc.

How to See Sold Listings on Ebay via the App

Do you primarily work with the mobile app? Or maybe you want to know how to to see sold listings on ebay’s app while you’re out sourcing at thrift stores or yard sales.

how to search sold listings on ebay app
  1. Open app and enter words to search. What you search is based on what you’re looking to look at prices for so you can enter a brand name, serial number, etc.
  2. Click “filter” at the top right which will slide out the filter menu
  3. Scroll down and click “show more” to expand the filter menu, then scroll down to “Sold Items”, select it, and then click the “show results” button

Now you can browse through the sold listings for the search you did. From here you can tweak or narrow your search, or click into an ebay listing to see more information.

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How to View Sold Items on eBay Older than 90 days

One thing to note about the methods above is that these are only going to show you the most recent results over the last 90 days.

If you want to see results that go back farther than that because you have a more unique item, you’re in luck because eBay now provides the Terapeak Product Research tool under the “Research” tab in Seller Hub to all sellers. This allows you to research products up to 365 days in the past. This link should bring you there if you’re signed in.

how to access terapeak on ebay

Tips for Doing Ebay Research Using Completed Listings

Don’t forget to search “completed” listings

Searching sold listings is a great way to find out how much something is selling for, but it’s not going to give you the whole picture. It’s also important to see the unsold items as well. Because there’s a big difference in items that sell for $40 and most completed items are sold vs an item that sells for $40 where more items don’t sell.

By turning on the “completed” filter, and leaving the “sold” filter off, you can get a better idea of the sell through rate on that item and if it’s something that’s more rare or something pretty common that may not sell due to a lot of competition.

When you’re looking at the “completed” results, the green prices are items that have sold and the results in black with red are unsold items.

example of completed listings on ebay, sold and unsold.

Check current listings too

As nice as it is to be able to access sold listings, the market for many products changes frequently. Sometimes it goes up, sometimes it goes down. Looking at your current competition and now they’re pricing items is also a factor in how you should price your items.

Use sold listings to help optimize your listings

Most sellers just use ebay’s sold listings to decide on a price for their items. However, here are many other key insights you can take away from sold listings such as keywords and photos. Seeing the titles, including keywords, that are in listings that have sold as well as looking at what kind of photos were used can help provide information on how you can create a similar listing.

Sold listings are a great way to research how much your items should sell for and I hope that this quick post give you all the answers you need!

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