How to sell kids clothes on Poshmark for extra cash

One of the best things to sell online is Kids clothes! If you’ve heard of Poshmark and you have kids, you might be wondering how to sell kids clothes on Poshmark.

Poshmark is an online selling platform that’s popular for selling clothing and home goods. One popular thing to sell on Poshmark is kids clothes! Children grow so quickly and most parents find themselves buried in clothes that their kids have outgrown. On the buying side you can save a lot of money by buying kids clothing secondhand. Poshmark is one of my favorite places to buy clothes for my kids!

Ready to get started?

Poshmark Quick Start for Beginners

The first thing you’re going to want to do is sign up for a Postmark account. If you’re on the computer you can sign up here. Or you can search for the app if you’re on your phone.

BONUS: Free $10 credit towards your first purchase if you use the code AILEENBARKER when you sign up (I get a credit too! Thank you!)

Once you sign up fill out your profile and add a picture. What you put here will help your buyers get to know you at a glance and helps build trust. If you can put a photo of yourself it will help build that trust even more because they can see who they are buying from.

Take some time to look around Poshmark. Check out other peoples listings and just learn to navigate the Poshmark platform.

If you’d like a more in depth look at Poshmark for beginners you can check out this post

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How much can you sell kids clothes for?

The short answer is that MOST kids clothing will sell for between $5-$15. But there are a lot of exceptions.

Once you have a feel for Poshmark you can start doing a bit of research to see what similar items are selling for. You can search for brands and select the kids categories so you can see what other people are pricing their items at, what they’re including in their description and how they’re taking their photos.

While you’re doing this research take some mental notes, or even write them down. Consider what you could do better such as taking better photos or being more clear in your description or titles.

Now that you have an idea of what you can sell your items for it’s time to start listing!

How to List an Item on Poshmark

In the app you simply click the camera icon at the bottom where it says “Sell”. If you’re on the website you can click the “Sell on Poshmark” link at the top right. 

From there you will add photos. I would add at least 3-5 if you can.

Include photos of:

  • Front
  • Back
  • All tags
  • Flaws
  • Details (such as embroidery, etc)

Tip: Take the photos in square mode on your phone and then upload them to Poshmark during this part rather than using the Poshmark app to take the photos. This ensures better photos.

When you get to the title section use as many characters as you can and structure your title like this:

Brand + Boys/Girls/Baby + Type of Item + Size + Keywords (words someone would use when searching for this item)

Example: Baby Gap Boys Sweater 4T Striped Knit Fire Truck Blue Red

Avoid words like “cute” that aren’t descriptive and use words like “floral” “button down” etc. Put yourself in your buyers shoes and think of what you would search for to find that specific item.

In the Description area keep it simple, but give all the necessary information. An example would be:

  • Size
  • Condition (new, good condition with no flaws, or if there are flaws mention them and include a photo)
  • Include any info the buyer might want like if there is an interior pocket, a feature that’s hard to see in the photos, etc. 

After that section simply fill in everything as you move down the page. Fill in as much of it as you can because people will be able to search by things like brand, color, etc. 

A few things to note when filling out the listing page:

  • Only mark something New with Tags if it’s actually New with Tags
  • If you mark something New with Tags it’ll ask if you want to mark it as “Boutique” this means you bought it through Poshmark’s boutique section where you can access wholesale inventory. If you didn’t, don’t select this.
  • Original price: if you know the original price you can enter it here. You can also guess or simply put $0 if you don’t want to guess. This doesn’t matter that much.
  • Listing price: This is the price your buyer will see. Decide what you want to list it at and consider what other people are listing other items at because you do need to be competitive. Some people will make offers so decide if you want to pad your pricing or not.
  • Your earnings (when sold): this is how much you’ll get if the item is purchased at your listing price
  • The “additional details” section is for your information only and isn’t necessary to fill out unless you want to. This can be a good place to note where you’re storing the item if you have a lot of items and keep them organized in bins, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you actually make money selling kids clothes on Poshmark?

Of course! Keep in mind that unless you have high end kids clothes, they’re going to sell for a lot less than adult clothes. However, kids grow fast and people love to bundle kids clothes so if you have a lot of one size you may be able to score a larger order.

What is a bundle on Poshmark?

A bundle is when someone wants to purchase several items from your closet. They will add the item to a bundle and then they or you can make an offer on the whole lot. Keep in mind that the Poshmark label is only for up to 5lbs so when you sell a bundle make sure it’s under that or you will have to pay additional for shipping.

What are the fees for selling kids clothes on Poshmark?

There is no fees for listing, you can list as much as you want. But once an item sells Poshmark will keep 20% of the selling price. For example if you sell an item for $20, you will get $16 they will keep $4. However, if you sell something for $15 or less the fee is a flat $2.95. That means whether you sell something for $15 or $5, they keep $2.95.

Should I sell lots of kids clothing?

It’s up to you! Most people would prefer to pick out their own pieces, but it’s totally up to you. Would you rather take photos and list 10 individual items or sell a lot of 10 items at a deeper discount? You can always try selling a bundle and if it doesn’t sell you can break up the bundle and list the items individually. Like I mentioned above, the Poshmark shipping label is for up to 5lbs so if you do sell a lot make sure that it’s under 5lbs including the box.

What do you need to sell on Poshmark?

You will need a Poshmark account and either a computer or a phone to list and access Poshmark. Other than that you will need a printer to print shipping labels and boxes or polymailers to ship the items. You can get free Priority Mail USPS supplies here since Poshmark’s labels are all Priority Mail labels.

Tips for Selling Kids Clothes on Poshmark

List multiples of the same size item

If you’re listing clothing from your own kids you’ll likely have a lot of the same sized item as they grow out of their clothes. Try listing all of the same size at once so when someone comes into your closet they can see that you have a lot of options in that size and possibly create a bundle.

Always respond to comments

Responding to comments quickly is key because those are people who are interested in purchasing from you. No, not everyone who asks a question will buy from you, but they’re interested and some of them will. So make sure you’re checking your comments and answering questions quickly before they move on to someone else’s closet.

Share your items often

I recommend sharing your entire closet at least once a day. I LOVE PosherVA for this. I set it to share my closet several times a day so I don’t have to remember to. This bumps your items up when someone searching using the “Just Shared” filter which is the default filter in Poshmark. This also shows people you’re active on Poshmark because they can see the last time it was shared when they click on the listing.

Keep your best items at the top of the page

When sharing your closet make sure you share your best items last so that they’re at the top of the page. “Best items” is a matter of opinion so it’s up to you, but I would classify it as the items that are most likely to get attention or be purchased because they’re more sought after or higher end.

If you want to start selling kids clothing on Poshmark then this guide is a pretty good starting point, but I think your best bet would be to just get in there and start listing items. See how it goes and get some experience so you can start to figure out what works best for you.

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  1. Janet Kay says:

    Hi there,

    I have the hardest time selling kids clothes on Poshmark. I have absolutely adorable items, great pictures, great prices, always sharing, always adding and exceptional customer service. I can go weeks and months without any sales. Not sure how you do it. Any feedback would be appreciated.

  2. Janet Kay says:

    Hi there,

    I have found Poshmark kids to be EXTREMELY slow from day 1. I will have months go by without any sales at all. Few likes and hardly any shares. I do get a few followers. I have over 600 adorable items listed. Great pictures. Great prices. Variety of things. Any helpful feedback would be appreciated. Janet

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