How to finally start making an extra $500 to $5,000 per month reselling from home!

(even if you don’t have any experience)

You’re ready to start making money from reselling, but you have nowhere to begin and are finding yourself in need of guidance.

Sourcing, listing, shipping, etc. you have so many questions!

Does this sound familiar?

You know you need to be buying inventory that actually sells and making sure your listings are attracting buyers, but you’re feeling stuck, and maybe a little overwhelmed.

There are a lot of learning curves when it comes to reselling! And it’s ok if you don’t have all the answers right now.

But what if I could give you a massive short cut?

These are my FIRST THREE MONTHS on Ebay! Just an example of what’s possible.

Can you imagine what it would feel like to actually make a $500, $1,000 or even $2,000 each month through reselling online?

How would your life be different if you could:

  • Cover your car payment 🚗
  • Save up for a vacation 🏝
  • Not have to worry if you have enough money in your account when you swipe it at the store 💳

Reselling completely changed my family’s finances, and if you want to really do this – it can change yours too!

You don’t have to go full time, or make a million dollars, to make a huge impact on your lifestyle.

An example of my sales (not profit) from just Ebay

Imagine being able to have that extra income working from home without having to figure it all out on your own through trial and error.


Your step-by-step guide to starting and growing your reselling business so you can finally start making money by reselling online.


  • What you learn can be applied anywhere you sell! The course does specify information for Ebay and Poshmark, but it covers the foundations of reselling online that can be applied to your whole strategy no matter where you decide to resell.
  • It is a step by step guide so you’re not chasing conflicting information all over the internet. Everything you need to know is in one spot!
  • It’s made for “regular people”. You don’t have to be a born and bred entrepreneur to be a successful reseller. You just need to have the tools, knowledge, and drive to make it work! The Reseller Roadmap is laid out so simple that anyone can follow it.

Learn how to start and grow your reselling business so that you’re actually making a profit and not just wasting your time listing things that no one buys.

How much more successful could you be if you could:

  • Know how to source inventory that will actually make you a profit (instead of wasting money buying items no one wants)
  • Understand the best way to list so that people searching for your item can actually find and buy it from you (instead of from your competition!)
  • Be able to skip all the confusion about shipping (this is the #1 thing that confuses people and makes them give up – don’t let that be you)
  • Design an organized inventory system so that your inventory isn’t taking over your house and you don’t spend hours looking for items that sold.

Heard enough? Ready to jump in?


I created the Reseller Roadmap for you!

Inside I’ve put everything you need to know together in an easy to follow format so that you can skip all the mistakes most beginners make as I walk you through everything you need to do to start a reselling business from home.

Here’s what you get when you enroll…

Step-by-step Video Course ($299 value)

Short, easy to follow videos that guide you through starting your resale business all the way from the beginning to growing it once you’ve got it up and running.

Screen Shot 2020-11-13 at 10.58.09 AM

Reseller Roadmap Workbook ($30 value)

Downloadable workbook that you can print and fill out or fill out digitally to work through the units

Ebay + Poshmark Tech Tutorials ($50 value)

Visual walk through videos that show you exactly how to list, ship, etc. on Poshmark and Ebay.

Reseller Community ($240/year value)

A place to connect with other resellers who are serious about making money from home. Get advice, ask questions, share your wins and more!


Even these bonuses have AMAZING reviews! Don’t take my word for it…

That’s a total value of $693 for the course and all the extras!

But don’t worry, I won’t be charging you anywhere near that.

I wanted to make this course affordable so you would feel confident in starting today in order to start making a profit as soon as possible!

Enroll in the Reseller Roadmap for just $247 today!


Now, you have two options: 

Option 1: Don’t take action today and go back to hoping that you can make money from home only to find yourself in the same spot a year from now.

Option 2: Click that button above so you can dive in and finally start your own reselling business from home!

100% Money Back Guarantee!

I know you are going to absolutely going to love the Reseller Roadmap! If you’re not happy with your purchase just contact me within 30 days and I will give you a 100% refund. All I ask is that you contact me if you have any problems so I can try to help you first.

Who is behind the Reseller Roadmap?

Hi, I’m Aileen! When I started making money reselling I was a new stay at home mom and I started with $0 out of my own pocket. I started by selling stuff we had around the house and reinvesting the money I made.

As I like to say I’m not special! If I can start making money reselling online – so can you! 

I’ve broken down everything that I’ve learned into this course into step by step lessons to make it easier for you to start earning money quickly and on your own time.

xo Aileen


Have Questions? I have answers!

Who is this good for?

Reseller Roadmap is for any beginner to reselling. From people who haven’t even opened your accounts yet to those who have sold a few things, but need to have a good system and strategies in place to make sure they’re making money.

I’m not good at tech stuff, will this work for me?

Absolutely! I have video tutorials for EVERYTHING you need to know to walk you through it all step by step. And if you’re still confused? We have the Reseller Lounge community where you can ask questions and get answers from me as well as other resellers who are in the course.

How much money do I need to invest?

It depends. When I started I didn’t put any money in upfront. To be honest, I was decluttering our house and just listing items we already had. Then I used the profit from that to buy more inventory! So you can literally start with $0 if you have some stuff you don’t need that you can sell.

Do you offer refunds?

I do! All I ask is that you get in contact with me about whatever problem you’re having so I can try to help you. I’m always happy to hear from you so don’t feel bad asking questions. If you truly feel like the course isn’t right for you, just ask for a refund within 30 days of purchase.

Stop waiting around for the *right time*! You’re here for a reason. Enroll today so that you can start reselling and finally earn an income from home!


Earnings Disclaimer: I cannot officially guarantee specific results or income. I can simply give you all the tools and experience gained in my years of reselling to help guide you towards success. Any numbers or earnings portrayed here are simply examples from my own earnings or from what I think the average person could make based on my own opimion.