Reseller Income Report: $5802 in June 2019 | Ebay Poshmark Mercari

Talking specific numbers is one of those things that a lot of people are pretty shy about. Not me! Today I want to share with you our income report from selling on eBay, Poshmark and Mercari. I’m hoping to do these each month not only to share, but also so I have something I can easily look back on.

What’s included

All of our sales from eBay, Poshmark and Mercari sales for the month

What’s not included

Any of our other income from local sales or any of our other streams of income like our rental home, youtube, blog, freelancing, etc. 

The Work

Items listed on ebay in June: 301

Items cross posted to Poshmark or Mercari in June: 62

Hours worked on reselling in June*: 80 hours (20 hrs/week average)

*Hours worked is an estimate for both my husband and I combined since we work on our reselling business together. These only include hours worked on reselling, not on our other streams of income. I figure this out by looking at the Rescue Time app on my computer which tracks activity, the Screen Time section in my iphone as well as my own calculations.

Sales Report for Ebay, Poshmark and Mercari

Below I’ll share our sales for each of the platforms we sell on. Keep in mind this is simply gross sales. This is not our profit. We have expenses like cost of goods, shipping, etc.

Reseller Sales Report June 2019 Ebay Poshmark Mercari

eBay Sales

  • $5,417.34
  • 193 items sold
  • $28.07 average sale price

Poshmark Sales

  • $357
  • 20 items sold
  • $17.85 average sale price

Mercari Sales

  • $28
  • 1 item sold
  • $28 average sale price

Total Sales from Reselling Online

  • $5,802.34
  • 219 items sold

Ebay Ending Numbers for June

Below is how we ended out the month as far as active inventory on eBay. I’m tracking this because I think it’ll be nice to see as we grow.

  • 775 active listings
  • $27,144 total value
  • 1,262 items in inventory

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The screenshots

Below you’ll see the screenshots from our eBay account. I’m putting this out there for others to see because I like to be transparent and show what a real family makes on eBay. We are not where we need to be to be able to comfortably live here in California, but we are getting there much more quickly now that we have good systems in place.

Ebay Sales Report Screen Shot June 2019

Ebay Sales June 2019 Screenshot

As you can see our numbers are WAY up. Even though people say sales tank in the summer you can see that we were able to push through that.

What did we do differently this month?

We did a listing challenge! If you’re on my email list you got a printable listing challenge for 15 items per day. Did I hit that every day? No, not even close. But even without hitting it daily I was much more consistent and made sure I had enough inventory ready to go almost every day. And our sales show that! 

Above is our year to date graph from our GoDaddy Bookkeeping account which is what we have been using for accounting for years. Even though I’m not really sharing our income outside of reselling online, you can clearly see we’re doing something right as our June profit is up more than ever. Our income is higher than it usually is and our expenses didn’t creep up much.

What is our plan for July?

Because we leave for a long trip in September, we’re focusing on liquidating our inventory since we don’t have anyone to take over shipping for us. To do this we’re starting more auctions on older inventory, cross posting and only purchasing the best inventory. My goal will be to consistently list 10 items per day and cross post 20 items per day to Poshmark and/or Mercari. I hope this look into our sales was helpful! 

How are your sales doing? I’d love to hear in the comments. 

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