Reseller Income Report December 2019

Welcome to my income report for an online reseller on Ebay and Poshmark. Every month I share what I’ve made reselling. I simply share my sales to show what’s possible and to track my own progress over time.


All of our sales from eBay and Poshmark sales for the month.


This income report doesn’t include any of our other income from local sales or any of our other streams of income like our rental home, youtube, blog, freelancing, etc.


  • Items listed on ebay in December: 115
  • Items cross posted to Poshmark in December: 65
  • Hours worked on reselling in December*: 70 hours (around 17.5 hours per week on average)

I wanted to note here that the number of items listed on Poshmark and Mercari aren’t completely accuate because I was kind of terrible at keeping track.

*Hours worked is an estimate for both my husband and I combined. These only include hours worked on reselling, not on any of our other income. I estimate this using the Rescue Time app on my computer, the Screen Time section in my iphone as well as my own calculations.


Below I’ll share our sales for each of the platforms we sell on. Keep in mind this is simply gross sales. This is not our profit. We have expenses like cost of goods, shipping, etc.

eBay Sales

  • $2,913.83 (down from $3,006.75 in November)
  • 107 (up from 101 items sold in November)
  • $27.23 (down from $29.76 in November)

Poshmark Sales

  • $990 (up from $643 in November)
  • 38 items (up from 33 items in November)
  • $26.05 (up from $19.48 in November)

Total sales from reselling in December

  • $3903.83 (up from $3667.75 in November)
  • 145 item sold (up from 135 items in November)

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Above is a screenshot from our eBay account. I’m putting this out there for others to see because I like to be transparent and have a little proof to go with it.


December wasn’t all that exciting to be honest. We didn’t work much because of the holidays and because I was working hard putting together the Reseller Roadmap course which took a lot of my time. Truthfully our sales didn’t increase too much because of our lack of work on the business and the fact that a lot people aren’t buying used clothing for the holidays. So it wasn’t a spectacular month, but we did ok. 


Now that we’re in 2020 we’re excited to keep growing our business. My personal goal is to work on reselling 2 full days a week to focus on sourcing and photos and then fit in listing throughout the week in small batches. We have a lot of plans for this year to diversify our income all while streamlining our reselling business even more so that we’re working less and making more.

I will share our 2020 plans and goals in a future post! I hope this look into our sales was helpful!

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