How Does Poshmark Shipping Work? Step by Step Guide & Tips

If you’re new to Poshmark, or even if you’ve been using the platform for a while, you may be asking yourself “How Does Poshmark Shipping Work?” No worries! Understanding how to ship out your Poshmark sales is pretty easy once you’ve done it a few times, and I’m here to guide you.

In this post, I’ll cover everything you need to know about shipping on Poshmark, including how much it costs, what supplies you need, how to ship your items, and tips for successful shipping practices. By the end of this post, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and skills to ship your Poshmark items quickly and efficiently, delighting your buyers and earning those coveted 5-star reviews.

Let’s get started!

Would you water watch a video? It is a couple of years old, but most of it is still accurate.

How much is shipping on Poshmark?

Shipping on Poshmark is a flat rate of $7.97, but good news: the buyer usually pays shipping costs on Poshmark so it doesn’t have to come out of your pocket!

That’s right, unless you offer a shipping discount on your listings or send an offer with a shipping discount, you don’t need to pay anything for shipping. If you do decide to offer a shipping discount, whatever discount you offer will just be deducted from the sale and you’ll get the remaining balance after the shipping discount and Poshmark fees.

Poshmark shipping labels are for a USPS Priority Mail shipment that weights up to 5lbs, which covers most packages on Poshmark unless it’s a big bundle or heavy item.

How to ship on Poshmark

You got your first sale. Now what? Let’s go through the steps of how to ship your items on the platform.

Package Your Order

First, you’ll need to package your order. For this step, I strongly recommend investing in some basic shipping supplies! Polymailers are cheap and easy to use for most items like clothing. You can even get cute designs like this one and this one. If you’re shipping bulky or fragile items that need a box, I recommend repurposing boxes if you can because they can get expensive! Of course, make sure they are clean good condition and not damaged.

Pro Tip: You can use free USPS boxes! Yep, USPS provides free Priority Mail packaging that you can use for Poshmark packages. You can order them online or head to your local post office and pick up the free boxes marked “Priority Mail”. These are a great way to save money if you don’t want to use pretty or branded polymailers and packaging.

Some people like to decorate their packages or add to the presentation with things like tissue paper or a business card, but I’ve never done this because I feel like it’s kind of wasteful and just cost me more money. I’ve never had anyone complain as long as I ship quickly and package things securely!

Print the Shipping Label

The next step is to print the shipping label for your order. Poshmark makes this part super easy! After an item has sold, you will automatically get access to a pre-addressed shipping label. You should be able to find this in your email, but if not you can also find it on your Poshmark order page either on their website or in the Poshmark app.

Just go to “My Sales”, click on the order you’re shipping, and then scroll down to where it says “Shipping Label” and click “Download”

Important: If your package is over 5lbs, you will need to pay for an upgraded shipping label. Click on the “upgrade your label” link in the order page OR select the dropdown menu that says “new shipping label” and click “need heavier weight label” and click the weight you need.

From there, you can download it to your computer and print it out. I really love using a label printer because they just print out as big stickers that you can easily attach to the package.

If you don’t have the funds for a thermal printer for labels, you can either print it on a normal piece of paper with a regular inkjet printer and tape it on, or you can buy these half sheet labels that are the sizes of normal paper so you can print one on each side.

Attach Your Shipping Label

After printing the label, make sure that it’s attached securely to the package. You can use clear packaging tape to attach the label to the box or envelope if you’re printing on regular paper. Make sure that the barcode on the label is visible and that the label is not covered by any other labels or tape.

Drop Off at USPS or Schedule a Pickup

Once the item is packed and the label is attached, you can drop off the package at the local post office, or you can even schedule a pickup. Poshmark provides pre-paid shipping labels, so you don’t need to pay any additional shipping charges when you drop it off.

How long do I have to ship on Poshmark?

Poshmark asks sellers to ship items within three business days of the sale. This means that you need to ship the item within three business days of receiving the notification from Poshmark that the item has sold.

However, you do have a little extra time before you run into any real issues. According to Poshmark, you actually have 7 days before the buyer can cancel. So if you’re going to take longer than a day or two, I recommend reaching out to the buyer just to give them a heads up so they don’t panic and cancel to get their money back.

Just make sure that you don’t take a long time to ship without letting them know, or you may have some upset customers.

Now that you know how to ship your items on Poshmark, let’s take a look at shipping discounts and options available on the platform.

Poshmark Shipping Discounts and Promotions

There are many kinds of shipping discounts and options to help sellers attract more buyers and make more sales. Here are some of the most popular options:

Closet Clear Out events

Poshmark often hosts Closet Clear Out events, which are designed to encourage sellers to do a 10% price drop and offer discounted shipping to buyers. During these events, Poshmark offers discounted shipping rates if you lower your price by 10%, which encourages buyers to buy. In these cases, Poshmark covers the shipping discount, so the only money you’re missing out on is the amount you discounted the item to quality for the discounted shipping.

Pro Tip: I use PosherVA to quickly lower my items by 10% when I want to do all (or most) of my closet. I can even filter out items that will be too cheap so those don’t get lowered.

New Seller Discounted Shipping

Occasionally, Poshmark will offer discounted shipping for the first person who orders from a new Poshmark account to encourage buyers to take the plunge. This helps new Poshmark sellers get their feet wet and build up a customer base on Poshmark. There’s no way to activate this, it’s just something Poshmark does on occasion.

Send Offers with Discounted Shipping

If you’re sending an offer to a buyer, you have to include discounted shipping in your offer. When you send this type of an offer, the amount being discounted will come out of your own earnings. So if you offer free shipping, an extra $7.97 will be deducted form your earnings, etc.

Pro tip: I use PosherVA to send out bulk offers once in a while and you can even set it to send out offers with discounted shipping right after someone likes an item to get them an offer while it’s still on their mine, before they can find another item and possibly buy it.

By taking advantage of these shipping discounts and options, you can attract more buyers to your Poshmark closet and increase your sales.

Now that you know about the different shipping discounts and options available on Poshmark, let’s take a look at some tips for successful shipping practices on the platform.

Tips for successful shipping on Poshmark

Honestly, shipping on Poshmark is pretty easy, but there are some things you should know to make sure your sales go smoothly. Here are some tips for successful shipping on Poshmark:

Weigh items and bundles

Since Poshmark labels only cover packages up to 5lbs, it’s important to weigh your items accurately to ensure you’re not going over the paid rate for that label. You can get a shipping scale pretty cheap to ensure you know the correct weight. I’ve had this one for years.

Also keep in mind that even if most of your items are lightweight, if someone creates a bundle, you should weigh the package including the box or other packaging to make sure the total weight

is under 5lbs.

Ship Faster and Get Paid Faster

Since Poshmark pays out your money 3 days after an item is delivered, you can get paid faster if you ship your items faster. Keep in mind that means 3 business days, which is typically Monday-Friday.


Congratulations, you’ve made it to the end of our guide on how shipping works on Poshmark! I hope this post has helped you understand how to ship on Poshmark so you can do it quickly and confidently.

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