Poshmark Referral Code 2023: AILEENBARKER ($10 credit)

If you’re signing up for a new Poshmark account and want to make sure you get a free $10 credit, make sure you use the code: AILEENBARKER

This code is valid in 2023 and we’ll both get a $10 credit! You can use yours to shop immediately!

Even easier? Click this link and it should automatically apply the code when you sign up. Just make sure it fills in AILEENBARKER in the invite code section when you’re filling the details out.

How to Use Poshmark Invite Codes

When you sign up for Poshmark, you’ll fill out the form and find the section for the “Invite Code.” See screenshots of exactly where to put the code below!

On a computer find the a “Have an invite code?” link and click on it, then a box will pop up. Enter AILEENBARKER there to get your $10 credit.

On the Poshmark App, you’ll enter your name and email, then go to the next screen. At the bottom of the second page, is the “Referral Code” section. Enter AILEENBARKER there to get your $10 credit.

How to Get Poshmark Credits

The first thing you can do is use the invite code AILEENBARKER when you sign up for Poshmark. This will get you a $10 credit instantly!

Once you’re a Poshmark user, you can start inviting people, and you’ll get $10 if any of them makes a purchase. Simply give people your username and tell them to enter it when they sign up for Poshmark.

How to Find Your Poshmark Invite Code

Finding your Poshmark code is easy! Just head to Poshmark and click where it says “Invite Friends, Earn Cash!” then you’ll be shown your Referral code. Usually it is your username, so that should be easy to remember.

Poshmark Invite Code Hack

While there aren’t any “hacks” to cheat the system and get Poshmark credits, there are a lot of great ways to get credits to shop on Poshmark legitimately!

Here are some ideas to get people to sign up with your referral code and earn $10 per referral:

  • Add your Poshmark invite code to your social media bio
  • Add your Poshmark invite code to your email signature
  • Share good deals you find on social media and mention your invite code for anyone who doesn’t have an account yet
  • Start selling on Poshmark, and when you share your items with friends, let them know they can use your invite code to get $10 off
  • Record unboxing videos of items you’ve purchased from Poshmark and let people know they’ll get a credit if they use your code to sign up

Ultimately, shopping on Poshmark is a great way to save money! The code AILEENBARKER will get you a $10 discount, but you can continue to get more credits by inviting people yourself!

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