New blog, let’s do this!

Welcome to the new blog! I’m currently in the middle of a rebrand and combining several different concepts I’ve worked on in the past and bring them to this new blog, Hustle and Slow. I plan on sharing all the different ways I make money from home as an entrepreneur and work at home mom. I hope to inspire others to do the same and learn along with you.

My plans for this blog are to share valuable content on entrepreneurship, productivity and anything else that goes along with it. I also plan to continue to connect with this community of entrepreneurs and resellers through regular YouTube videos as well as my instagram account.

I just thought I should post a quick “welcome” post before I started getting into the meat of things.

Just a heads up I will be reposting and backdating several posts from previous blogs that include old income reports, etc. dating years back so that I can look back at them all in one spot. Those should be fun to take a look at again as I find the time to transfer those over.

Thanks for checking in and make sure you join the email list below to keep updated.

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