List Perfectly vs Vendoo: Which is Best for Resellers (2023)

If you’ve been a reseller for a while, you know that cross posting (also known as cross listing) your items on multiple marketplaces is a great way to increase your sales. But doing this manually can take up a lot of your time! Luckily there are now services that can help you do this for you and today I’m comparing List Perfectly vs. Vendoo, two of the leading cross listing platforms.

In this article, we’ll quickly look at the features, pricing, user experience, inventory management, cross-listing, and customer support provided by both List Perfectly and Vendoo. If you’re like me, you want a quick, to-the-point review so you can make a decision and move on. So I’ll do my best to go over the details and also recommend which platform is the best fit for different types of reselling business owners.

By the end of this article, you’ll have a better understanding of List Perfectly vs. Vendoo and which one is right for you.

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What is the difference between List Perfectly and Vendoo?

While both platforms are cross-listing platforms with similar features, there are some differences to consider. One of the primary differences is the pricing structure. As business owners, keeping expenses low is critical, even if it’s just a little side hustle right now.

List Perfectly‘s pricing plans start higher ($29/mo) but are based on included features, not the number of listings. Basically, you get unlimited listings and choose a plan based on what features you want.

Meanwhile, Vendoo offers a free plan to try out with paid plans starting at a much lower price ($8.99/mo). The pricing at Vendoo is based on number of listings, but they come with most features right off the bat with a few affordable add-on options.

Another difference between List Perfectly and Vendoo is the number of marketplaces supported. List Perfectly offers cross-listing to 12 platforms, while Vendoo supports 10 marketplaces.

You can see that, honestly, most marketplaces that sellers sell on are covered by both so unless you list on Vestaire or Instagram, this isn’t a huge deciding factor.

Facebook Marketplace

List Perfectly’s unique features include bulk cross-posting and photoroom background removal (for up to 25 items per month only). Both of which come with their higher plans, not the starter plan.

Vendoo also offers a few unique features, such as more inventory management tools and stale listing reminders (so you know what to relist), which come with all plans, including the free plan. Vendoo also recently added a mobile app, which is helpful for managing listings easily from your phone. When I see an item sell, for example, I will quickly open the Vendoo app and make sure to mark it as sold so it doesn’t sell again on another marketplace.

In summary, List Perfectly and Vendoo, at their core, do the same thing: help you cross-list your items. But they do offer different pricing plans and have some unique features that might be appealing to different types of resellers. The best choice between the two platforms will depend on your specific needs and budget.

So let’s go over some pros and con, then I’ll talk about pricing and give my personal opinions.

Pros & Cons of List Perfectly


  • Unlimited listings on all plans (plans based on features, not # of listings)
  • 12 platforms included
  • Most expensive plan is $69/mo
  • Photoroom background removal (only 25)
  • 5 Day money back guarantee
  • Bulk update titles, prices, etc. across multiple platforms
  • Mark sold tool to remove from other marketplaces
  • Website works on mobile


  • Cheapest plan is $29
  • No free plan
  • No mobile app

Pros & Cons of Vendoo


  • Forever free plan (5 items)
  • Cheaper paid plans for smaller sellers ($8.99/mo & up)
  • Mobile app (with ability to cross post on app)
  • 10 Marketplaces (up to 3 included. Upgrade to list to all 10)
  • Inventory Management tools
  • Analytics are better
  • Stale listing reminders
  • Custom templates
  • Multiple quantity listings


  • Some features have an extra fee (importing, bulk delist/relist, listing to all marketplaces)
  • Most expensive plan is $149.99 (higher than List Perfectly, but still not bad, in my opinion, as that’s for 4,000 listings per month)

Price Comparison & What I Recommend

While it’s a bit hard to make an exact price comparison because their pricing structures a totally different, I thought I would break it down based on my personal opinion below.

Warning: I’m going to be doing a lot of math here, but I’m doing it for you. You just need to follow along!

With List Perfectly, the base plan is $29, but I think it’s too basic to be helpful to most resellers. I would recommend going with at least the $49/mo plan on List Perfectly to access the tools that would make it worth paying for.

However, I’d personally sign up for the $69/month plan because it has features that are already included in all of Vendoo’s plans that I know are useful, like creating drafts and being able to copy over weights, etc. when cross posting. So let’s use the $69/month plan for the comparison so the features are the same and it’s more of a fair comparison.

With Vendoo, you could sign up for the 600 listings/mo listing plan ($49.99/mo) + all 3 of the add-ons for $11.99 (importing, bulk delist/relist, and ability to list on more than 3 marketplaces) and come in at $61.98. That’s $7 cheaper per month!

BUT, here’s the thing. Most resellers I know aren’t listing 600 items per month! So if you’re doing less, you could even go with the 250/month plan at $29.99 and only be paying $41.98 with the 3 add ons (saving $27.02 over the $69/mo List Perfectly plan).

Even better? You could ditch a couple of the add ons. I personally imported all my items (with the importing add on) to begin with and now build my listings in Vendoo. So I don’t actually use the importer anymore! In addition, most resellers don’t sell on more than 3 platforms. So if you ditch those 2 add ons (important and ability to crosspost to more than 3 platforms), bring your cost down to $34.98 per month with Vendoo.

BOTTOM LINE: If you’re listing 600 new listings or less per month, I’d recommend going with Vendoo. Hands down. That’s based on price AND the fact that I prefer Vendoo. But if you list more than 600 items per month, it’s more of a toss up. You’ll have to see which service and price work best for you.

Luckily, you can play around with Vendoo’s free plan, which includes five items, to see if you like it. Unfortunately, ListPerfectly doesn’t offer a free plan, but they offer a 5 day money back guarantee if you’re unhappy with it.

Ultimately, the choice between the two different platforms will depend on your individual needs and budget, but for most resellers, Vendoo offers the best value and features.

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