Income Report: How I made over $2,400 online from home last month

Welcome to my May Income Report where I share how much I made as a work at home mom from my online businesses!

Why do I share how much I make? While a lot of people find this information truly personal, I really don’t mind talking money. Especially when it comes to something like working from home as an entrepreneur. I want to be able to not only track my progress as my businesses grow, but also show others that you can make money from home.

If you’d rather watch a video break down you can watch it here.

Now let’s get to the good stuff…


This total includes a variety of different income streams which I will happily break down for you real quick.

Disclaimer: This post contains some affiliate links which pay me a small commission if you click or buy. There is never any obligation to do so, but I appreciate your support if you do decide to.

Ebay: Ebay is my main source of income and my main focus. I resell items that I find mostly at thrift stores, but also yard sales, retail stores, etc. If I can make a good profit on it, I flip it! You can sign up for eBay here if you don’t already have an account. I started with just items around the house and reinvested the money I made.

Poshmark: For selling trendier, younger and more designer clothing items I love using Poshmark. It’s an app (and a website) that I’m really starting to put more focus on. Sign up at or download their app and use my code AILEENBARKER for $5 off your first purchase.

Mercari: It’s another app that you can sell pretty much anything on and my favorite part is how low the fees (10%) and shipping are. Anything heavy I like to list on Mercari because the pricing for shipping heavy items is more reasonable than anywhere else. If you want to check it out you can sign up for Mercari (or download the app) and use my code MZASRJ to get a $10 credit for your first purchase.

Etsy: Most people know Etsy for handmade items, but that’s not what I sell on there. I actually have two stores: one focuses on vintage items (the same items I have on eBay, I just post them to Etsy as well) and the other is digital downloads (like printables).

Affiliates: This include income through different affiliate programs such as Amazon Affiliates, etc. There are a ton out there, but I mainly use Amazon at the moment.

Youtube: I do make a little bit of money on YouTube and it’s been steadily growing which is fun after all the hard work I’ve been putting into it. The money from YouTube comes from ads that play on my videos.

Freelance: Even though this is something I don’t do as much as I used to, I do some freelance work. Mostly virtual assistant type work focusing on design and technical tasks like website or graphic design, setting up email lists, etc. This is something I do plan on taking on more of as time goes on. I love that there is practically no overhead and no inventory to manage.

(screen shot above is from my godaddy bookkeeping account)


INCOME: $2,530.47

EXPENSES: $825.60

NET PROFIT: $1,704.87

Note: I run a business that sells products so my expenses are much higher than most other online businesses that are service or digital product based.

June is way way down from May because we moved and even now are still settling into the new house. My income this year isn’t going up as quickly or consistently as I’d like, but I really need to keep reminding myself that even though my husband is home to help we still have a baby and a toddler. Our daughter is now 4 months old so while she’s still needy she’s past that newborn stage so I’m hoping that moving forward after this move and now that the baby is getting a little older and eating less often that I can really get down to business.


Since eBay is my jmain income I thought I would take a moment to break down my month on eBay so that I can compare each month.

# of items sold on Ebay: 119 (down from 206 in May)

Total sales: $2,224.00 (up from $3,721.41 in May)

Selling Costs: $930.85 (41.9%) (down from $1,527.94 / 41.1% in May)

Average Sale Price (including shipping): $18.68 (up from $18.06 in May)

Ebay was really slow because I wasn’t listing as much since we were focusing on packing and moving. My sales were almost half of what they were in May! Ebay also made some changes to the way you can run promotions (sales) on your items which kind of messed me up for a while there, but I think they’re starting to swing back up.
One great thing though is you can see that my average sale price has gone up some more. This means I’m selling items for more and (hopefully) making more per item. I’d rather make $15 profit on 200 items to earn $3000 than $10 profit on 300 items. Less work, less time, etc. in general.


$4,000 in eBay sales – FAIL

List 250 items – FAIL

I didn’t make my goals at all! I need to be better at setting goals and making a plan to achieve them. My sales were down as shown above. I don’t actually know how many items I listed because I stopped keeping track and just focused on getting the work done.


Get new office set up to work

Hit $2,000 in Ebay sales

I’m writing this half way through July and it’s even slower than June! I know that’s mostly my fault because of the move and it taking so long for me to get back to really working. But we’re finally feeling a little more settled in and I have finally set my office hours so I can really focus. Hoping I can get my sales going again this month and be on a constant upswing moving forward.

Again, if you’d like to see a video break down you can watch it here.

So that’s it for this month!

If there’s anything that I missed the you’d like me to go over in my next report or if you have any questions at all please comment below!

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