Income Report: $4,956 Selling on Ebay, Poshmark & Mercari

It’s time to share another reseller income report! Every month I share what I’ve made selling on eBay, Poshmark and Mercari. I simply share my sales to show what’s possible.


All of our sales from eBay, Poshmark and Mercari sales for the month


Any of our other income from local sales or any of our other streams of income like our rental home, youtube, blog, freelancing, etc.


Items listed on ebay in July: 66 (301 in June)
Items cross posted to Poshmark or Mercari in July: 38 (62 in June)
Hours worked on reselling in July*: 65 hours or approx 16.25 hours/week (80 hours or approx 20 hrs/week in June)

*Hours worked is an estimate for both my husband and I combined since we work on our reselling business together. These only include hours worked on reselling, not on our other streams of income. I estimate this using the Rescue Time app on my computer which tracks activity, the Screen Time section in my iphone as well as my own calculations.


Below I’ll share our sales for each of the platforms we sell on. Keep in mind this is simply gross sales. This is not our profit. We have expenses like cost of goods, shipping, etc.

eBay Sales

  • $4,417 ($5,417.34 in June)
  • 175 items sold (193 in June)
  • $25.24 average sale price ($28.07 in June)

Poshmark Sales

  • $513 (357 in June)
  • 19 items sold (20 in June)
  • $27 average sale price ($17.85 in June)

Mercari Sales

  • $26
  • 1 item sold
  • $26 average sale price

Total Sales from Reselling Online

  • $4,956 ($5,802 in June)
  • 195 items sold (219 in June)


Below is how we ended out the month as far as active inventory on eBay. I’m tracking this because I think it’ll be nice to see as we grow.

  • 668 active listings
  • $22,082.23 total value
  • 969 items in inventory


Below is a screenshots from our eBay account. I’m putting this out there for others to see because I like to be transparent and show what a real family makes on eBay. We are not where we need to be to be able to comfortably live here in California, but we are getting there much more quickly now that we have good systems in place.

Note: the number on here is lower than the number I mentioned above because I had a few returns from last month so the number went down a bit after the month ended.

Our numbers are down about 20% this month, but it was expected due to listing significantly less.


We didn’t work much this month. We listed very little, I sourced smarter and picked up a lot less and we simply started to focus on gearing up to clear out our inventory for our 6 weeks of travel in September and October.

Instead of spending a lot of time listing we’ve been slowing going through inventory to make sure everything is listed, pulling items that were listed for a long time that likely wouldn’t sell to donate, organized unlisted inventory and decided what to list vs what to just donate.


August is clear out month! My goal is to sell 300 items! We don’t usually sell more than 200 items in a month, so 300 would be great. I’m actually going to aim for selling 400 items so that if I fall short it’s closer to my realistic goal.

We’re running some big sales, crossposting everything that makes sense and really working on simply selling everything that we can so that we don’t have it sitting at our house for 6 weeks.

I’d like to take a very small amount of inventory on the road with us to keep our stores active and make a little money on the road then start fresh when we get back from our trip.

How are your sales doing? I’d love to hear in the comments.

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