How to Use Vendoo to Boost Sales on eBay & Poshmark

One of the biggest struggles for resellers is figuring out how to increase sales without spending money on more inventory! So if you’re a reseller and you feel like your sales could use a boost, I’m about to introduce you to my absolute favorite reselling tool: Vendoo!

If you’ve never heard of Vendoo, or maybe you have an you’re not quite sure if it’s for you, I’m here to tell you that Vendoo is a cross-listing service helps you save time and make more money with the inventory you already have, and it’s especially beneficial for online sellers who use platforms like Facebook Marketplace. Plus, it has so many other features like inventory management, analytics, and more.

Below, we’ll focus on how to use Vendoo cross-listing to increase your sales and make more profit for your reselling business.

Note: This post is sponsored by Vendoo, a company I’ve partnered with because I have been a subscriber for years and truly think it’s a beneficial tool for resellers.

Cross List Your Items to Multiple Marketplaces

You’ve already spent your money on your inventory and have it listed, but why stop there? The best way to boost your sales is to cross post those items on multiple platforms to get them in front of more buyers. Vendoo not only makes it easy to list items on eBay, Poshmark, and other online marketplaces like Facebook Marketplace. For example, I currently sell on eBay and Poshmark, and I’m trying out listing items on Mercari too.

But the logistics of cross-posting or cross-listing can be tricky. That’s why Vendoo is the best tool out there for cross-listing! Not only can you use Vendoo to list your items on several different marketplaces, but it also helps you take them down when they sell. That way, you don’t oversell an item.

If you already have inventory listed on one marketplace, like eBay, Vendoo has a handy import tool that will import your items from that platform into Vendoo. The import add-on is particularly useful for bringing in new items and managing your existing marketplaces. Then, all you have to do is go into each item and cross-list them to any other marketplace you want to list them on.

Below you can see the listing page on Vendoo. When you create or import an item, it’ll create a Vendoo listing for it, and then along the left side, you can see all your connected marketplaces. From here, you can click on each one to list, delist, and mark it as sold based on the marketplace.

What marketplaces are available on Vendoo?

  • eBay
  • Poshmark
  • Etsy
  • Mercari
  • Shopify
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Kidizen
  • Vestiaire Collective
  • Grailed
  • Depop

Delist and Relist Items for a Boost

When a fresh new item is listed on any marketplace, it tends to get a bit of a boost at the beginning. But once an item is sitting around for a while, the algorithms at play tend to send fewer and fewer people to those listings.

Vendoo’s Delist & Reslist add-on can boost your stale listings by automatically creating brand new listings with just a click. This is so helpful for days when I don’t have time to list or when I find some of my items have been sitting a long time.

To do this, all you have to do is select the items you want to list and set the bulk delist & relist feature to work in the background. I’ll usually start it before I check emails in the morning and within a few minutes, I have 10 newly relisted items. It saves me so much time vs doing it on my own, and then there’s the fact that I actually do it regularly because it’s so easy.

See What Items & Brands Sell Best

One of the most important things I’ve learned in my 20+ years of reselling is that much of the profit is made during sourcing. Making good sourcing decisions and buying items that sell well and at a good profit is the biggest key to success as a reseller. With Vendoo, you can easily see this information for any period of time with their analytics features. This is part of Vendoo’s unique features that make it the best fit for many resellers.

In analytics, you can see your best-selling:

  • brands
  • categories
  • subcategories
  • marketplaces

This is so incredibly helpful so that you know what to look for more of when you’re out sourcing. It’s easy to make assumptions about what you think is doing well, but being able to clearly see what is actually selling well for you can help you make better decisions when you’re at thrift stores or yard sales looking for more inventory. 

Remove Backgrounds for Professional Photos

There’s a reason that so many sellers have a plain white background: it performs really well! It’s crisp and clean and makes it so you can clearly see the item for sale. Plus, rumor has it that it helps your item show up in Google searches! Even when you use a white background, it’s hard to get it perfectly white which is why I love that Vendoo has a background removal feature built in. Not only that, but it works SO well and so quickly.

Once you upload your photos to Vendoo, you can simply click “Remove Backgrounds” and then select which photos you want to remove backgrounds from, and it’ll get to work. Within a few seconds, you’ll have crisp white backgrounds around your items, which can help your listings capture the attention of your buyers and get you more clicks. If your buyer scrolls right by, they can’t buy it, so having a great cover shot is so important to capturing their attention.

Bonus: Resources & Tips for Resellers

In addition to its powerful cross-listing abilities, Vendoo takes a proactive role in the success of its users by providing tons of tips and advice for online sellers. I mean, their business only thrives when yours does, so it makes sense that they’d be invested in making sure you have everything you need to be a successful reseller!

Vendoo’s dedication to your success is clear in all the content they share on their blog, social media, and email updates.

Other Amazing Features Worth Mentioning

Technically this post is about features that will help you boost sales, but I couldn’t write a post about Vendoo without mentioning these features:

  • Sale Detection with Automatic Delist: When an item sells on one platform, Vendoo can automatically detect is and delist the item from the other platforms it’s listed on. That way you don’t accidentally sell the same item twice! (Currently available for eBay & Poshmark)
  • Labels: These are like tags you can add to your items in Vendoo to help you sort items. For example, I like to tag each item with what quarter it was listed in so that I can quickly see which items have been listed for way too long and clearance those out. I also tag items by where I purchased them to see if one sourcing spot is more profitable than others. You can use these tags when sorting inventory and also in the analytics section!

In the end, Vendoo makes the reselling process efficient and profitable regardless of what platform you sell on. Two of my favorite words! Vendoo truly takes the hassle out of managing multiple listings across various reselling platforms while still allowing you to be on those platforms to make more money as a reseller.

For those new to Vendoo, there is a free trial to try it out so that you can explore its unique features without paying upfront. Let me add that Vendoo’s pricing plans are SO affordable when you consider the extra sales you should make if you utilize this tool. For me, Vendoo pays for itself with just one or two extra sales per month. This is why I continue to tell every reseller I know about this powerful reseller tool! 

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