How to Sell on Poshmark for Beginners: Tips for 2023

How to sell on poshmark for beginners

Updated: February 16, 2023

If you want to learn how to sell on Poshmark for beginners, keep reading! Poshmark is a great platform to get started selling online to make a little extra money and clear out your closet. Or if you like to shop it’s a great side hustle to make money from home part time.

I’ve personally made over $12,000 on Poshmark at this point and it’s a great way to make some extra money!

Before we start I want to let you know while all opinions are my own, there are affiliate links within this post. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases made from those links. Enjoy this guide about how to sell on Poshmark and feel free to share it with friends!

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What is Poshmark?

Poshmark is an app and a website where you can sell fashion and home decor. It started out as a women fashion app, but has expanded to include women, mens, kids and home decor. 

If you haven’t signed up for Poshmark yet you can do so here and enter the promo/referral code AILEENBARKER for $5 off your first purchase.

Who should sell on Poshmark?

Anyone who wants to make a little extra money selling clothing (or home decor). If you have on trend clothing or designer items, you will do well on Poshmark. 

What sells well on Poshmark?

The items that will sell the best on poshmark are clothing items that are either cheap and on trend or designer pieces. You can certainly sell other items, but the fast movers are usually in those two categories. 

What are the fees for selling on Poshmark?

First, there are no upfront fees! You can list your items and you will not get charged a fee until the item sells. Once an item sells Poshmark will withhold 20% for items over $15 and $2.95 for items under $15 as their fees.

How to sell on poshmark for beginners what sold

What should I know before selling on Poshmark?

Before selling on Poshmark you need to make sure that you’re signed up for an account (use code AILEENBARKER for $5 off your first purchase) and you shoul take some time to look around and get to know Poshmark before you start listing. Look at some listings and see how other people are taking photos, describing items, pricing items, etc. This will help you out for when you actually start selling on Poshmark and list those first few items.

Find what’s selling on poshmark

To look up what’s selling on Poshmark you can look at sold items! You can go ahead by doing a search by category, brand, keyword, etc. and then filter the results by “sold”. This will show you what has sold lately within the search. This is a great way to not only see what’s selling, but also get an idea of how to price your items. 

How should you price your items on Poshmark?

I pad my poshmark prices about 10-20% higher than what I’d really like because I use the “offer to likers” feature where you can send a 10% or higher discount and a shipping discount to everyone who likes your item.
This is a good way to get sales, but if you price your items too low you’ll end up having to send out offers that puts your earnings lower than you want.

Want a free spreadsheet to keep your Poshmark inventory organized? Sign up below!

Is selling on Poshmark safe?

Yes! You never give your contact info, payment or banking information to anyone except Poshmark for your payments. 

packaging for poshmark

How should you package Poshmark sales?

As long as your item is clean and packaged safely, you’re good to go! A lot of sellers say that you need to include decorative packaging and free gifts, but I have never done that and have never received a complaint. As nice as it is, most people will throw away everything except for the item they ordered and I’d rather not contribute more waste to the environment.

I use free USPS Priority Mail supplies to ship most of my Poshmark packages.  But you can also get cute printed mailers like this for pretty cheap.

How do I list an item on Poshmark?

Listing on Poshmark is pretty simple and easy to understand. Let’s go over the steps below. You can list items on your phone or on their Poshmark website.

1. Take photos

First make sure you have photos of the item ready. I recommend not taking them inside the Poshmark app, but taking them with your phone and then moving them into the Poshmark app. 

2. Enter a title

Next you’ll include a title. Your title should start with the brand then be followed by what the item is. For example “Madewell Ivory Fringe Sweater”

If you have more space left then add more keywords someone might search for.

3. Enter a Description

After you have the title done you’ll enter a description. I generally keep my descriptions short. Include the size, condition and any other descriptive keywords and information you’d like to include.

4. Fill out the rest

The rest is pretty self explanatory. You’ll fill out the category, quantity, size, brand, color and whether it’s new with tags. At the end you’ll add the original price (this isn’t that important, a guess is fine) and then the price you want to sell it for (listing price).

Once you fill in the listing price Poshmark will automatically generate your earnings underneath so you know exactly how much you’ll get once this item sells (if it sells for that price)

How do I get paid on Poshmark?

You get paid on Poshmark once the item is delivered to your buyer and they accept it. Their payment gets released into your balance and you can request a payment from Poshmark. Once you do that Poshmark will transfer it to your bank account which generally takes 2-3 days.

Poshmark Tips

Keywords and SEO

One important thing to keep in mind when you’re filling out titles and descriptions in Poshmark is Keywords and SEO. Keywords are what people will be searching for. SEO means Search Engine Optimization meaning if you have good SEO your item is more likely to show up. They kind of go hand in hand. The main takeaway is that you should consider what your buyer will be searching for when looking for your item and use those keywords in the title and description.

Keep your Poshmark business organized

It’s so important, from the start, to keep things organized if you’re planning on selling on Poshmark! I actually wrote a post all about keeping your Poshmark business organized.

>> HEADS UP! I created the Reseller Dashboard which is a simple spreadsheet to organize your resale business. Use the code: POSH to get $6 off, making it just $18!

Answer questions

I know it can be annoying to have to go get an item to answer a question, but people asking questions are potential buyers. They want more information in order to decide if they want to purchase and if you ignore their question they may move on. I often get sales after answering a question. Plus, it’s just good customer service.

Share daily

One of the best things you can do for your Poshmark closet is share your items daily. At least once a day, 2-3 times a day is ideal. Why? Because it bumps your item. Poshmark automatically sorts search results by “just shared” so it’ll bump your item to the top of that list every time you share. Here’s a post on how to share your entire Poshmark closet fast!

Pro Tip: PosherVA is my favorite tool for selling on Poshmark because I can set a schedule and it will share for me automatically as long as my computer is on!

I have it set to share every hour, but since I have a laptop that’s not always open, it’s usually shared at least a few times a day while I’m on there doing other things. Either way, I don’t have to think about it. It just gets done! I also use it to send out bulk offers to likers, etc. There are so many great features and it’s so worth it. For me, it boosts my sales enough to more than cover the monthly cost. Check it out here.

Relist often

Something to keep in mind is that some people change the search results so that they are filled by “Just in” meaning newly listed. So if your item was listed a month ago and they filter by “Just in” then our item is way down the list. Try to make it a habit of relisting items maybe once a month or every few weeks if you can!

Pro Tip: This can be time consuming, so I use Vendoo for this! I use it for a lot more (cross posting, looking at analytics, etc) but one of the best features is you can quickly select 10 items to relist, and it’ll delist/relist in the background. I try to do a set of 10 a few days a week. I usually relist items every 30 days or so to keep them fresh and it’s really helped my items sell!

Include plenty of photos

Poshmark gives you 8 spaces for photos. I recommend using all of them if you can. Some ideas for photos to take: front, back, brand tag, size tag, fabric content tag, care tag, close up of fabric, close up of details. The more your customer can see the more confident they’ll be buying the item. It’s hard to buy something when all you can see is one blurry photo.

Take clear photos

Your photos don’t have to be professional. You don’t need to buy an expensive camera or lighting set up. You can simply take photos in bright, natural light with a clear background. My favorite set up is a command hook on a light colored wall. I simply put the item on a hanger and hang it on the command hook. 

Order free USPS supplies

Did you know you can get free boxes and envelopes from USPS to use to ship your Poshmark packages? Because all Poshmark packages are sent via USPS Priority Mail, you can use the free Priority Mail supplies provided on the USPS website. My favorites are the Tyvek Envelope, this box for larger pieces or bundles and this box for shoes

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth it to sell on Poshmark?

If you have a lot of clothing to sell, then yes! Especially if you have items that are designer or trending. You can earn a lot of money selling your clothes on Poshmark and it’s definitely worth it.

Can you actually make money on Poshmark?

You can definitely make money on Poshmark. How much depends on how much your items are selling on Poshmark for and if you’re just selling off items from your closet or you’re actually buying inventory to sell. For items under $15, there is a fee of $2.95 to keep in mind. For items over $15, you will pay 20%.

There is definitely money to be made and I’ve made over $16,000 on Poshmark.

Poshmark is a great place to sell to make extra cash and clean out your closet. I hope you found this post about how to sell on poshmark for beginners helpful!

>> Don’t forget to check out the Reseller Dashboard which is a simple spreadsheet to organize your resale business. Use the code: POSH to get $6 off making it just $18!

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  1. New Posher says:

    I have a question concerning the verification of the card that you want your funds from sales to go to. I received a notice that I had a buyer but I needed to verify my card. I attempted and it didn’t complete. After several attempts by me and then several by the support team, I discovered that was 300.00 per attempt pending in my bank account. Is it normal for there to be 300.00 pending for card verification action? And when does that freeze drop off? I now have 2300.00 in pending transactions and I can’t get anyone at pishmark to help me. An agent was chatting with me but she stopped communicating and never came back to the chat. She also wasn’t able to figure it out. I’m a little panicked at this point!!

  2. Terrie Constantino says:

    Thank – you for all the advice. It was very helpful. But I do have one question. I have a few items that I want to post on postmark and I’m
    new to all of this. Question is I have a few items that are over 5lb and that I have to upgrade the packing label. One of my items is just over 9 lbs, so that would mean the fee for this label will be $ 18.00. Now does Postmark deduct the $ 7.45 fee and I pay the balance. Or do I pay the full amount of the $ 18.00. Any advice would be very grateful. Thank – you
    Terrie Constantino

    1. The additional shipping is the amount you’ll pay. So the buyer pays the $7.45 as usual, but if it’s heavier, you pay the full amount that’s listed.

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