8 EASY Fiverr Gig Ideas for 2021 (Little to No Experience!)

It’s no secret that I think Fiverr is an amazing freelance platform that is often overlooked. Most people think you can only charge $5 for your services, but that’s no longer true! I personally made over $1,000 my first 30 days on Fiverr and am on track to hit $35,000 my first full year on Fiverr part-time. Pretty good, right? But one question I get a lot is how to come up with easy Fiverr gig ideas. I get it, you want to figure out the easiest way to make money on Fiverr and I don’t blame you.

>> How I made $1,000 in my first month on Fiverr

There’s plenty of competition on Fiverr, but if you come up with some high-demand gigs on Fiverr that you’re capable of doing, I don’t doubt that you can figure out how to make them successful if you know what to do! More on how to figure out how to get orders in a minute, first let’s go over the best Fiverr gig ideas without skill (or at least where you need very little skill).

Social Media Manager

Not to say that social media management isn’t a skill, but with how much most of us are using social media on a daily basis it’s something that is pretty easy for most people to figure out. Is there one type of social media that you know really well? Not just do you understand how to post, but you also understand how to grow an account and get engagement. Then you can totally start as a social media manager on Fiverr!

At the time I write this, I’m a Pinterest Manager on Fiverr with about 3-5 clients per month. I started by charging $150 for a full month of managing my client’s Pinterest accounts. Now I’m able to charge between $400-$500 per month for each account because I have reviews and have been able to prove that I know how to use Pinterest to market businesses.

Not sure that you have the skill? There’s plenty of info out there, but you can also take a Skillshare class or two to help. There are plenty of classes about Instagram, Facebook, etc. Click the link below if you want to try our Skillshare for free. There are literally so many available classes to learn social media marketing!

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Blog Post Writer

The next gig idea is a popular one on Fiverr. This is also something I do, so I’m a little biased. It doesn’t take much to write a decent blog post. If you’re able to do research on a topic and put it into an easy to read blog post, this is something you can offer! It’s one of the most popular Fiverr gigs and how I’ve earned most of my money. When I started I was charging $10 per 500 word article. Now, less than a year later I’m charging $70 for 500 words and I’m able to tailor my workload based on how much time I have to write.

Voice Over

This Fiverr gig idea takes very little skill! You just need to be able to read and have a clear, pleasant sounding voice! If you can read a script and record it for clients, then you can do this. There are plenty of people making videos online that either use stock video or slides, but need someone to narrate or read the script. To do this you’ll obviously need a quiet place where you can record and, once you make a bit of money and save up, you can also get a good USB microphone to uplevel your quality.

Background Removal

Have you noticed that a lot of online stores prefer to have a plain white background? This is something that many small businesses hire out for because they don’t have the time or resources to remove the background on their own. If you have something like Photoshop, you should be able to do this. If not, you can sign up for Canva Pro ($12.95/month) and access their background removal tool which is super easy to use! I literally use Canva for everything these days from background removal to YouTube thumbnails to social media graphics to monthly Pinterest reports for my clients.

Most sellers charge between $5 to $10 for anywhere from 5 to 50 photos. Shooting somewhere in the middle, if you do 10 photos for $5 and it takes you about 10 minutes, you’re making $30/hr for something that mostly takes time and very little skill.

Social Media Graphic Designer

With tools like Canva, you don’t need to be a pro at all to design social media graphics! Most companies want a cohesive, professional look and you can help them do this by providing a handful of social media graphics as your fiver gig. Canva comes with hundreds (thousands?) of templates that you can tweak to your clients specifications. The cool thing is that you can even create templates so that if you have clients who come back for more designs each month, you just plug in the text/photos and get them done quickly for your client.

For example the first gig in the post above is $70 for 50 social media posts. This is a great deal and you can definitely charge more than this once you get a reputation. But once you have 5 or 10 templates available for a client, you should be able to input all the info in 1-2 hours. This means you could make $35 to $70 per hour.


Are you able to throw on a set of headphones and transcribe audio or video? Then you can do this! It’s a great fiverr gig idea for people who can type quickly. With so many people starting podcasts or even people needing it for other business purposes, transcription can be a great way to make some extra money on Fiverr. Most Fiverr sellers who offer transcription charge by the length of the audio being transcribed.

User Testing

When a company or new business has a website, they often are too close to the project to see where they can make improvements. For this reason, many will look for users to test their website and provide feedback to help them improve user experience. To do this you simply have to create a gig that you will test websites and provide feedback. Some user testing gigs even include a screen recording of them going through the website and video feedback so you can try adding that as an add-on to make even more on that order.

For screen recording, I use Loom. I do have the paid plan, but the free plan includes up to 100 videos of up to 5 minutes long so that would generally work for you and then you could start deleting them when you run out of space. Just let your clients know that they will need to download their videos if they want to save them.

Influencer Marketing

Do you have a large following on social media? You can get paid to promote products or services even if you have as little as 1,000 followers. Some companies prefer to work with micro-influencers because they are cheaper to work with and tend to have a more personal connection with their following. If you have 1,000 or more followers and are open to sponsored or promoted posts, then this could be a great way to monetize your following!

But how do I get orders?

Of course, there are hundreds of gigs you can offer on Fiverr, these are just a few examples of easy Fiverr gig ideas to get you started. Most people I talk to who are interested in making money on Fiverr are stumped at how to get those first few orders. I did a quick post here about how to get orders on Fiverr, but if you need help figuring out what gig to start or how to start getting orders, make sure you check out my course Fiverr Kickstart which walks you through exactly what I did to get my first few orders which really helped me kick off my account.

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