Selling on Poshmark vs Ebay vs Mercari – Which is better?

If you’re looking to make extra money online you may be wondering if you should be selling on Poshmark vs Ebay vs Mercari. Of course, there are other platforms, but in my experience these seem to be the three most popular and I want to help you figure out which platform you should be utilizing.

I’m going to do my best to evaluate Poshmark vs Ebay vs Mercari across 9 different categories based on my experience and give a winner at the end. But do keep in mind that which platform will work for you as a reseller depends on your situation.

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#1 Selling Fees

eBay: 50 free listings then up to .35 per listing and 10-12% final value fee once sells (this varies greatly based on category, if you have a store that you pay a fee for, etc.) Click here for a complete explanation of eBay fees.

Poshmark: Free to list. 20% or $2.95 for items $15 and under once item sells.

Mercari: Free to list. 10% mercari fee once item sells.

Winner: Mercari. Simple 10% Mercari fees across the board. Lowest and easiest to predict.

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#2 Customer Base

eBay: 180+ million users

Poshmark: 40+ million users

Mercari: Can’t find how many users. 100+ million downloads worldwide.

Customer Base Winner: eBay.

#3 Listing

eBay: Listing on eBay can be pretty tedious and time consuming. The best way to list is on a computer, not on your phone, because the app tends to be glitchy.

Poshmark: Easy! There are a lot of fields to fill out, but it’s really self explanatory

Mercari: Easiest of them all. You can list on Mercari very quickly as there aren’t as many fields to fill out.

Winner: Mercari. Poshmark close second.

#4 Shipping

eBay: The one thing eBay has going for it as far as shipping is you can set calculated shipping and for lightweight items your buyer will like the cheaper shipping fees. Other than that it can be very confusing to figure out at first. Weighing, selecting different classes and carriers, etc.

Poshmark: Easiest. It’s a flat $7.11 for your buyer and you can ship up to 5lbs this way. If you need more than 5lbs you simply go into the transaction and buy a label for a heavier item.

Mercari: Pretty easy. Lots of options including if you want to do free shipping (you pay) or buyer paid shipping. You can choose a simple weight based mercari label or choose to figure out shipping yourself.

Winner: Poshmark

#5 Seller Experience & Policies

eBay: There are a lot of rules and if you ship late, cancel an order, etc. it can negatively affect your account via “defects”. For more info on the seller performance standards click here.

Poshmark: Great. Poshmark generally doesn’t accept returns, although it sometimes happens. Poshmark is pretty good about taking care of their buyers and sellers.

Mercari: I’ve heard that Mercari can be hard to deal with when you need help with a customer. There is no phone number to call and a transaction can be in limbo for a long time.

Winner: Poshmark

#6 Overall Effort

eBay: There is quite a bit of effort involved between listing, shipping, running sales, etc.

Poshmark: Listing and shipping are pretty easy, but you do need to share your items to get sales.

>> Note: If you’re a Poshmark seller sharing is essential, but can take up a lot of time! I’ve been using Reseller Assistant for all of my sharing and it has been SO worth it. When I’m using their sharing services I sell way more than when I try to share myself because I’m not as consistent. You can check out their services here (affiliate link).

Mercari: Listing and shipping are easy and there’s really not much to do after that other than promote your items via the “promote” button or resist if you want to bump your item that way.

Winner: Mercari. But this one was a bit hard to rate because it all depends on how much you want to sell or if you want a true set it and forget it situation (which will result in slower sales).

#7 Access to funds

eBay: While eBay still lets buyers pay via PayPal so you have your money pretty much immediately, they are moving into a payments system which will work differently. Once the funds are in PayPal you can either do an instant deposit (1% fee) onto a card or do a regular withdrawal to your bank account which usually takes 1-2 days in my experience. If you have a paypal debit card you can use it immediately.

Poshmark: Once the item has been delivered and accepted by the buyer the funds get released into your poshmark balance. If they don’t accept within 3 days your funds automatically get released. Once you have a balance available you can redeem via direct deposit to your bank (2-3 days) or via check (this can take a week or more).

Mercari: Once the item is delivered and the buyer accepts the item the funds are released into your account. If the buyer doesn’t leave a rating within 3 days the funds get automatically released. You can request a direct deposit which usually takes 2-3 days.

Winner: eBay because currently you can access your funds immediately (unless you’re a new seller and sometimes PayPal will hold the funds until the item is successfully delivered)

#8 Extra Features

eBay: You can run sales, send offers to watchers, promote items.

Poshmark: You can offer bundles, bundle discounts and really interact with your customers by sharing items to their closet and sending offers.

Mercari: You can use the promote button to lower prices or send an offer to people who have liked your item

Winner: eBay and Poshmark tie.

#9 My Personal Experience

eBay: I sell way, way  more on eBay than any of the other platforms making it worth the extra effort.

Poshmark: Poshmark is easy to list on, but I don’t love sharing. The sales aren’t as fast as I’d like them to be so I don’t post much here.

Mercari: Easy to list so I do cross post a bit here, but I don’t give it too much attention as most items sell slow unless they’re in high demand.

Winner: eBay. I go where the sales are and for me that’s eBay by a long shot. To be 100% fair, I list way more on eBay. Once I can get everything cross posted to all platforms it’d be interesting to see sales, but I’m still 99% sure eBay would win.

Final Scores

eBay: 3.5

Poshmark: 2.5

Mercari: 3

Final Winner: EBAY!

Keep in mind that this is just looking at the numbers of who won each round. The weight of each category is not equal across the board. It varies by person, business and situation.

Final Thoughts on Poshmark vs Ebay vs Mercari

Personally, I choose eBay. Hands down. Like I said, I have to go where the sales are. But that ’s just me.

My honest opinion on eBay vs Poshmark vs Mercari is really that you need to decide for yourself. If you want to be a full time seller or make a significant chunk of money, I highly recommend eBay for that. There are simply more users and it’s easier to sell items quickly.

However, if you have access to higher end, on trend, designer items then you may be able to make Poshmark work full time as well. I don’t know anyone who has made a full time income on Mercari.

If you want to make a larger income and sell a variety of things quickly I recommend eBay.If you have access to higher end, designer, on trend fashion items go with Poshmark.If you prioritize ease of listing and want to sell a large variety of items go with Mercari.

Should you be cross posting?

Above all I recommend cross posting! If you’re a totally newbie to reselling maybe start with two platforms and then move to all three if that works for you. Just make sure you keep good track of items that sell and remove them from the other platforms you sell on when they do.

>> Want to start cross posting? I HIGHLY recommend Vendoo. It has literally saved me hours in cross posting my items and has helped me make more money because I had my items listed on several platforms. Use this link to get 25% off your first month.

Cross posting brings in extra income for us. It does take a little extra time, but after my years of selling online I’ve found I’d rather take a little more time listing something worth more money across several platforms than to just stick to one and crank out hundreds of items. It just makes the most sense for me to have less inventory, but better quality inventory, posted to several platforms.

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