Ebay & Poshmark Income Report: $3667.75 in November 2019

How I made $3667 on ebay and poshmark last month

Wonder what you can make selling on Ebay, Poshmark and Mercari? Well you’re in luck! Every month I share what I’ve made reselling. I simply share my sales to show what’s possible and to track my own progress over time.


All of our sales from eBay, Poshmark and Mercari sales for the month.


Any of our other income from local sales or any of our other streams of income like our rental home, youtube, blog, freelancing, etc.


  • Items listed on ebay in November: 301
  • Items cross posted to Poshmark or Mercari in November: 67
  • Hours worked on reselling in November*: 95

I wanted to note here that the number of items listed on Poshmark and Mercari aren’t completely accuate because I was kind of terrible at keeping track.

*Hours worked is an estimate for both my husband and I combined. These only include hours worked on reselling, not on other income. I estimate this using the Rescue Time app on my computer, the Screen Time section in my iphone as well as my own calculations.


Below I’ll share our sales for each of the platforms we sell on. Keep in mind this is simply gross sales. This is not our profit. We have expenses like cost of goods, shipping, etc.

eBay Sales

  • $3,006.75 (up from $1,285.73 in October)
  • 101 items sold (up from $26.23 in October)
  • $29.76 average sale price (up from $26.23 in October)

Poshmark Sales

  • $643 (up from $380 in October)
  • 33 items sold (up from 24 in October)
  • $19.48 average sale price (Up from $15.80 in October)

Mercari Sales

  • $18 (up from $0 in October)
  • 1 item sold (up from $0 in October)
  • $18 average sale price (up from $0 in October)

Total sales from reselling in November

  • $3667.75 (up from $1,665.73 in October)
  • 135 items sold (up from 73 in October)


Above is a screenshot from our eBay account. I’m putting this out there for others to see because I like to be transparent and have a little proof to go with it.

Note: this number is a bit different from the ebay number I listed above it because the way ebay calculates this is a bit different from the way I calculate it above which is simply the exact amount of money we take in for the orders we got.


We listed a lot! Not as much as I’d hoped because a few of us got sick, but much more than we did on October. I spent at least one day a week at the goodwill outlet sourcing which meant we had a decent amount of inventory each week at a low cost.

As you can see our sales more than doubled from October to November so we’re doing something right! We’re not building back up as quickly as I had hoped, but more tan doubling our sales is still really great.


  1. List 600 new items on ebay – FAIL
  2. Cross post 300 items to Poshmark – FAIL
  3. $5,000 in sales – FAIL

All the fails as far as our goals went! But I do try to make pretty ambitious goals so I’m trying harder.


Continue listing! I will continue going to the bins (goodwill outlet) at least once a week to source for inventory. It’s between 1-2 hours away depending on which location I go to so I try to go once a week for 4+ hours. We have really good system going and as long as no one gets sick again we should be able to list consistently.

I also plan to drop Mercari. It’s a great platform if you can put the time into it, but we just do so much better on ebay and Poshmark so it’s not worth the effort at the moment. Not to mention it’s a little harder to keep organized when you have a lot of inventory so I don’t plan on listing anything else on Mercari in December.


  1. List 400 new items on ebay
  2. Cross post 300 items to Poshmark
  3. $6,000 in sales

I hope this look into our sales was helpful!

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Income Report I made $3667 on Ebay and Poshmark in One Month

How are your sales doing?

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