Want to sell on ebay, but don’t have the time to list? Or simply don’t love the listing process? I’m happy to help!

My name is Aileen and I’ve been selling on ebay for over 15 years. I currently list over 50 items in my own ebay store each week and am happy to offer my listing services to other ebay sellers.

How does it work?

You would simply take photos of the item including all of the relevant information. For example if you are selling clothing you’d include photos of the brand tag, size tag, etc. If you want measurements or anything else included you can either send that information to me via spreadsheet or write it down and take a photo of that as well.

From there I will create the entire listing for you. The title, adding photos, adding information to the description, etc. I’m happy to also price the item competitively for you if you’d like.

Do I need to access your account?

Not if you don’t want me to! If you’d like you can sign up for a service such as Inkfrog. Otherwise I can log into your account directly to create listings.

How much does it cost?

On average it will cost $2-$4 per listing. Simple items like clothing or electronics will be on the lower end, while items that require research will be on the higher end. We can discuss pricing.

Want to talk? Contact me!