Easiest Things to Flip for Profit on Ebay in 2021

Wondering what the easiest things to flip for profit are? You’re in luck because I’m about to share some of the hottest products to sell online for a profit.

Reselling is a great income stream! It’s one of the income streams that led me to fully support my family on my self-employed income. Reselling items online is a reliable way to make some extra cash, even if you don’t want to make it a full-time job. However, if you’re new to the idea, it can be difficult to get started. One of the biggest hurdles is figuring out the easiest things to flip for profit. 

Without knowledge of what the best things to resell are, you can end up wasting money and time on items that won’t result in a good profit. Learning what items to keep an eye out for when shopping is an important skill for any reseller. By knowing what to sell on eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Poshmark, etc. you’ll know what to buy to be profitable.

Keep in mind though that “easy” here is a relative term. Depending on your location and the resources available to you, items can vary with how easy they are to find. 

This list will include items that may be harder to find but offer a larger profit potential. But also items that are easier to find but offer less profit potential. Most successful resale businesses are a healthy mix of both.

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Discontinued Products

Discontinued items include anything ranging from perfume, scented lotion, to spices and seasonings. Discontinued products are some of the best things to resell! They’re not longer available in-store so your customers can’t just run to Walmart to grab it.

Many people get accustomed to a certain taste or smell and if a product they use regularly is suddenly discontinued, it can create demand. In cases like these, you’re able to command a much higher price, seeing that you’re one of the few people capable of providing a certain product before it disappears forever.

Discontinued products definitely fall into the category of products that are difficult to find, but can offer a very high return.

Examples of discontinued products to flip for profit below.

Seasonal Products

Similar to discontinued products, seasonal items can be some of the best things to resell on eBay or other online marketplaces due to their exclusivity. 

Items that are only available during certain holidays like Christmas, Easter, or Halloween can be very valuable to people looking to buy them out of season. Some of the best things to resell when it comes to seasonal items are things like Christmas and Fall coffee blends from Starbucks, as these tend to be able to fetch prices upwards of $40 to $50 when out of season in some cases.

Back in 2019, I bought a handful of Starbucks Christmas Blend coffee for around $3 each and sold them in lots on Ebay and Mercari as shown below.

But people are still doing this and making good money! See someone who did this more recently on Ebay below.


Shoes are always a safe bet when reselling, but be careful about what you buy. Everyone wears shoes and there’s always going to be a market for them, the hard part here is just identifying which shoes have resale value and which don’t. 

Reselling shoes doesn’t always mean spending days looking for expensive, high-end designer shoes at thrift stores. Instead, what I prefer to do is look for high-quality sneakers or hiking shoes that could be found in thrift stores within the range of $5 to $10 and resold from anywhere upwards of $30 to $75. 

Of course, there are the high end shoes and sneakers that sell for hundreds and thousands. But those are in high demand and usually require quite a bit of an investment along with knowledge on how to spot counterfeit items.

What I love to sell are everyday shoes like the examples below.


Some people will choose to stay away from reselling clothing, it can prove to be a very profitable sub-category of reselling. 

When reselling clothes, you’ll have to do a good deal of research on clothing brands, styles, sizes, etc. The profit when it comes to reselling clothes will seriously vary.

My favorite thing about selling clothing is that everyone needs it and it’s easy to store and ship. Unlike shoes or larger items, most clothing can easily be slipped into a polymailer and shipped off for a low shipping cost. 


I’m definitely not recommending you should sell furniture on Ebay, although plenty of people do. However, local marketplaces like Facebook Marketplace, Letgo, Craigslist, and Offerup are great platforms for reselling furniture. 

If you’re already out there sourcing inventory at yard sales and thrift stores and come across a great deal on a couch you know you could make $100 or $200 on, and you have a way to get it home as well as a place to store it, you could make a nice chunk of money pretty quickly. 

Many people who are looking for secondhand furniture aren’t necessarily scouring the yard sales and thrift stores like you are. Instead, they’re looking on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist for deals and are willing to pay a bit more than you paid when you bought it. 

Band and Concert Tees

Being a subcategory of clothing, band tees are going to have a pretty wide range when it comes to profit potential. Some will sell for $100 and above, and others only being able to sell for around $20. But being on the lookout for band and concert tees when you’re out sourcing and looking them up to see if they’re worth good money is always a good strategy. 

An example of a shirt I sold for $100 was this Jerry Garcia band shirt that was actually my dads. When he passed away we all kept a handful of items, but he had a ton of music and sports items I sold off on Ebay so fans could enjoy them as much as he did.

Sports Shirts and Memorabilia 

In a similar vein to band tees, sports tees and sports memorabilia can fetch a pretty decent price depending on the team, sport, and player. Be on the lookout for sports-related items from time to time, as they tend to do well with diehard fans willing to pay a good amount of money for the right items.


Now, this is definitely not something that most people would expect to be on a list of the best things to resell for a profit, but surprisingly mugs can do exceptionally well. But a set of mugs was one of my first amazing finds when I started reselling on Ebay several years ago. 

Of course, most mugs aren’t worth much, but it’s worth scanning mugs and looking up a few that look interesting to see if they’re worth any money. Many people write off mugs because they’re usually not worth much and are a little more difficult to ship, but if you find one worth $100+, that’s totally worth the effort!

A great example is this set of mugs that sold for $59.99 to $148.42 that I found around the time that I started reselling as a side business as a stay at home mom. One of my best scores ever!

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Perfume is another item that can wind up fetching you some decent profit. Like with certain discontinued products such as seasoning or scented lotions that people have grown very fond of, having a rare perfume that’s hard to get a hold of definitely puts you in a good position to resell for a profit, even if the perfume or cologne winds up being used.

It isn’t uncommon to see some rare perfumes and colognes selling for hundreds of dollars. Next time you pass by perfume at a yard sale, a thrift store, or wherever you do your sourcing, double-check the brand and do a little research of your own to see if you may have found yourself a good item to resell.

Even better if the perfume is discontinued like the one below. I bought 8 of these at $1 each. Some were used and some had damaged boxes, while others were still shrink wrapped so they sold between $75 to $300 each!

Kitchen and Cookware

Most kitchen and cookware you’d find at yard sales and thrift stores will wind up being cheaper, low-quality products that you’d also find in stores like Walmart. 

However, there are a few diamonds in the rough when it comes to kitchenware. Like with mugs, there are a few very expensive designer and luxury kitchen and cookware brands that offer products costing upwards of $200 to $300, and in some cases, for full sets of designer cookware from a company like Le Creuset.

One brand I had never heard of and was shocked to find out was worth money was Saladmaster. Check out some pieces I sold when I helped a friend of a friend clean out her apartment when she moved.

It would be a bit of an understatement to say that it’s definitely worth your time to keep an eye out for kitchenware next time you’re out sourcing.

Hopefully, you’ve found this list helpful in opening up your mind to new items to look for when you’re sourcing for items to flip for profit.

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  1. How do you ship perfume? I started looking into this for a bottle of discontinued perfume and it seems like it’s very restricted. Any tips would be appreciated!

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