Best Selling Clothes on Ebay: Brands to Sell in 2024

Are you wondering how to figure out the best selling clothes on eBay so that you can source the right items and make more profit? Honestly, it’s not magic! It’s really about identifying what’s flying off the (virtual) shelves because it’s in high demand.

In this guide, you’ll learn brands that buyers can’t get enough of, like Louis Vuitton and Free People. But it’s not just designer brands, it’s regular everyday brands too! I’ll be sharing a bunch of top-performing brands across different categories.

P.S. If you’re loving this list and want more, make sure to grab my Best Selling Brands on eBay Database. It’s a spreadsheet with over 300 women’s brands, complete with average sale prices and sell through rates so you can clearly see which brands to keep an eye out for. I discovered many new brands while creating this database!

Let’s get started!

Top Brands According to Ebay

Let’s start with what eBay considers their top brands. Because no one knows what sells well better than the marketplace itself, right? When you visit eBay’s Clothing, Shoes & Accessories page, there is a list of their top brands. As of December 2023, the top brands on eBay according to eBay are:

Air Jordan$151.661,000,197
Calvin Klein$23.25296,236
Free People32.03236,595
J. Crew$24.03261,935
Louis Vuitton$339.46289,520
Michael Kors$51.75278,980
Ralph Lauren$37.671,460,795
Ray Ban$66.90203,091
Tory Burch$85.47111,257
Under Armour$24.63706,084

Remember, that doesn’t mean that those brands are the only brands that sell well or that every item by those brands will sell well. We still need to make sure that we do research when picking up item to resell on eBay, but it’s a great place to get started.

Now let’s take a look at different brand that do well in the main fashion categories on eBay.

Top Women’s Brands

In women’s clothing, trending styles that exude a blend of comfort and fashion are leading the market. Look for boho-chic, vintage-inspired, and high-end designer labels. Luxury brands are always popular, especially for handbags and accessories.

Here are some of the best selling women’s brands:

BrandsAverage Sale Price# Sold in Last Year
Free People$32.00235,884
Louis Vuitton$338.58255,573
Diane von Furstenberg$51.6914,376
Tory Burch$79.03137,385
Kate Spade$60.91134,912
Ralph Lauren$33.50310,332
Michael Kors$54.39246,369
Calvin Klein$21.63157,694
Ted Baker$53.4911,950
Eileen Fisher$38.82143,325

Want access to 300+ brands of women’s clothing? Click here for the Best Brands to Sell on Ebay Database.

Top Men’s Brands

For men, classic American casual and sportswear are always in demand. Brands that offer a mix of street style with quality craftsmanship are also popular, especially in outerwear and athletic apparel.

Here are some of the best selling men’s clothing brands:

BrandsAverage Sale Price# Sales in Last Year
Tommy Hilfiger$24.19136,857
Ralph Lauren$40.311,063,013
The North Face$54.14194,737
Under Armour$26.93529,895
Calvin Klein$25.51130,669
Hugo Boss$50.4168,832
Jack & Jones$39.725,452
G-Star RAW$43.2512,929
Fred Perry$35.435,752
Stone Island$154.924,698
Ted Baker$36.6714,917

Top Children’s Brands

Did you know you can make money selling kid’s clothes too? Parents are drawn to both trendy and practical children’s clothing. Durability, style, and affordability are key. Fun patterns, characters, and comfortable everyday wear are consistent bestsellers.

Here are some of the best selling kids brands on eBay:

BrandsAverage Sale Price# Sold in Last Year
Gap Kids$12.4022,674
Oshkosh B’gosh$12.366,209
The Childrens Place$9.6015,749
Janie & Jack$18.238,120
Mini Boden$17.9914,489
Hanna Andersson$14.9620,122
Zara Kids$14.582,334
Polo Ralph Lauren$19.8252,354
Bonnie Jean$15.023,437
Kyte Baby$22.64909
Under Armour$15.4862,201

Top Brands in Specialty Categories

Niche markets like eco-conscious clothing, high-quality knitwear, and performance gear for yoga and outdoor activities have been growing rapidly the last few years and will continue for the foreseeable future. Brands that focus on sustainability, unique designs, and specialized materials are sought after.

Here are some top brands to look for:

BrandsAverage Sold Price# Sold in Last Year
Eileen Fisher$38.82143,325
Dale of Norway$78.005,232
Under Armour$24.63706,099
Alo Yoga$35.5928,758
Outdoor Voices$24.654,409
The North Face$47.67357,740

More about best selling clothes on eBay

What’s the best selling clothing brand on eBay?

While it’s hard to narrow down the #1 best selling clothing brand on eBay, you can find lists of the top brands in the article above. Remember, if you’re just looking for ONE brand, you’re not going to sell much. It’s better to know what sells and how to do research so that you can find a variety of items that will sell.

What types of clothes sell best?

Classic staple pieces and current trends always sell best on eBay. Understanding how to find quality, classic pieces as well as knowing what styles are trending is key to finding items that will sell best on eBay.

Can you make good money selling clothes on eBay?

You can definitely make good money selling clothes on eBay! Whether you’re just looking for a little extra income each month, you want to clean out your personal closet, or you’re looking for a career as an eBay seller, clothes ALWAYS sell on eBay. It’s just about knowing what to look for and getting started so you can start gaining experience and knowledge.

What brands sell for the most profit on eBay?

High end bands like Chanel, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton always sell for a lot of money on eBay. Hundreds to thousands of dollars a piece, depending on the item! But it’s important to remember, most of us aren’t able to come across these items often. And when you do, they may be priced too high for profit. So understanding how to find items that you can buy at a low cost and sell for a good profit is part of the game with eBay. 

How should I price clothes on eBay?

When pricing clothing on eBay, it’s important to do some research to evaluate the competition as well as the demand of your item. I always recommend looking up sold items on eBay and then pricing accordingly. If there are not many available and many of them are selling, you can usually price higher than if there are hundreds listed and not many are selling.

Pricing is something that takes time to master. Even as someone who has been selling on eBay for over 10 years, I sometimes struggle with understanding how to price. In the end, how you price is up to you, but if you want to sell items, you want to price competitively.

What women’s clothing sells fastest on eBay?

When it comes to women’s clothing, athleisure (like Lululemon or Athleta) sells quickly and so do quality seasonal pieces like jackets or swimsuits from higher end mall brands.

How can I make my eBay clothing listings more visible?

The best thing you can do to make your clothing listings more visible is to make sure that you have a properly keyworded title. Think to yourself “if I was searching for an item like this, what would I enter in the search bar?” On top of that make sure you fill in as many item specifics as possible, you have good photos, and you’re priced competitively for those who are shopping based on price.

What are common mistakes when selling clothes on eBay?

One of the biggest mistakes I see when it comes to selling clothes on eBay is pricing too high. If you’re looking to actual sell items, you want to make sure your items are priced to sell. If you’re priced higher than your competitors, why would they buy from you? You’ll likely sit on your items for a long time. This is something that took me a long time to realize as a seller myself and I try to remind new sellers of this.

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