How to See Best Offer Sold Price on eBay

Most resellers understand the importance of doing research before listing an item. This research usually consists of looking up what an item sold for on eBay so that you know how to price your own item to sell. The problem is, with the Best Offer feature on eBay, it’s not always easy to find these answers. Let’s take a look at how to see what items actually sold for, even if the seller accepted a best offer.

When you go search sold items on eBay, you’ll often see something like the image above. A price with a line through it stating that it sold via best offer. While it is a little helpful to see what an item was listed for, it’s not as helpful as see what an item actually sold for on eBay.

To find out what an item sold for on eBay with best offer, you’ll need to use eBay’s Product Research tool. All you have to do is log in to your eBay account (it’s now available in the app too!) and go to “Research” then “Product Research”.

Once you’re in the right spot, simply copy and paste the title of the item you’re trying to find the price for. For the previous example, you can see that it actually sold for a best offer of $29.

Now, this can be a bit tedious if you’re looking through dozens of listings trying to find prices. So the easiest thing to do may be to just start with the product research tool to begin with. That way you can see accurate pricing, as well as other helpful information like average price, average sell through rate, and more.

This Product Research tool (formerly called Terrapeak) has been available on the eBay website for quite a while, but may sellers either don’t realize it or don’t use it much.

But now you can do the same on your phone in the eBay app while you’re out sourcing for profitable inventory to sell and you won’t even have to deal with the Best Offer issue. In fact, I’m switching to this method of research vs the original search method most of us use (searching for the item then filtering by “Sold).

To access Product Research information on your phone while out sourcing:

  1. Open your eBay app and click “Selling” in the bottom right.
  2. Scroll down until you see “Product Research”.
  3. Enter your search terms as you normally would to see tons of helpful info to make better informed sourcing decisions.

The best offer feature is a great way to make sales, but it has made it hard for us resellers who want to do a little pricing researching before we list our own items. Luckily this workaround is pretty easy!

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  1. Great tip Aileen! I’ve been doing it the hard way, this is definitely more efficient. Hey, your new office looks great. Have no guilt at all… your kids are incalculably better off with you working from home, so anything that helps you do that is a win for everyone. Thank you for the great info!

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