2020 Goals & Plans

Now that we’re fully into 2020 I’ve had some time to really consider my goals for the year. As far as I can remember, I’ve been making goals at the beginning of the year. But like many people I set them, think about them for maybe the first week or two and then they are forgotten. This year I want to set goals and create plans to achieve them!

2019 in Review

To be honest, 2019 was amazing in my personal life, but I’m disappointed in our progress in 2019. I hoped for it to be a much bigger year for our business.

And honestly, I’m to blame for that. We went on an amazing road trip that was over 5 weeks long. We traveled all the way across the US and back with our two kids. But because of that we really put a huge dent in our income and made a bigger impact on our business than I expected.

I had assumed the month we were gone would be almost no income and that we could catch up within a few weeks after getting back. I was SO wrong. Here we are months later and I’m still working on getting our sales up.

But the trip was worth it and it was a learning experience. In more ways than one. 

What I want for 2020 (business)

My overall big income goal in 2020 is to gross $100,000.

Broken down I want to hit $80,000 in reselling and then make an additional $20,000 with other steams of income such as course sales, affiliate sales, youtube income and digital downloads.

This is a huge goal considering it’ll be more than double our gross in 2019. But we doubled our 2018 gross income in 2019 so why can’t we do it again?

Taking that trip really opened our eyes to wanting to travel. Possibly even full time!

As much as I love reselling, we want to be able to pull back or take a break when needed and still have an income so while we will be growing our resale business this year we will be doing it pretty strategically and we will also be focusing on growing other streams that are location independent.

I want to hit 20,000 subscribers on my Hustle and Slow youtube channel!

According to SocialBlade (screenshot above) I should be able to do that by November 17, 2020 so we’ll see if I can make that happen!

As far as some other number goals go I’m hoping to achieve the following:

  • $2,000/month in non-reselling income by the end of the year
  • A 50% monthly sell through rate (meaning if I have 1,000 items listed I want to sell 500 of them each month)
  • $30 average sale price for reselling items

Some other more personal goals and plans

We will go on a two week long trip. Two weeks will be doable without ruining our whole business for several months (again).

My personal goal is to go on one solo trip. Even if it’s just one night.

Read 10 books. I love to read, but am horrible at finding the time to do so. No crazy 52 books in 52 weeks goals here. I think I can realistically get through 10 books pretty easily.

Revive my other blog where I can talk about all the things I love and not just making money from home like I do on here.

Like I said, instead of just setting these goals and forgetting about them. I’m actually planning how to get to them this year. I’m sure 2020 will look SO different from what I have planned, but at least I have some plans in place to get to where I want to be.

Here’s to an amazing year!

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