16 Items I sold on Ebay for $50 or more

Making money on eBay is relatively easy. You find stuff in your house (free!) or at thrift stores and yard sales that you know is worth a little extra money. It’s not hard for me to find something that will sell for a bit more than I can buy it for.

But finding those items that sell for a good amount can be a little trickier. Most items out there aren’t selling for more than $20. So today I’m going to share with you some items that I was able to sell for $50 or more!

Now I have definitely sold way more than this for $50 or more, but since eBay only lets you go back 90 days I was limited to what I could pull up. Most were sold within the last 90 days of me posting this and some I pulled from instagram when I shared my sales.

Let’s get started! 

Lot of 40 pairs (20 sets) of Calvin Klein panties $120

These I purchased in a huge liquidation lot from a local source. I bought over 400 sets and wanted to move some quickly so I put a lot of 20 up for sale and took an offer of $120 for the 20 sets. They ended up getting shipped internationally through the global shipping program on eBay. This lot of 20 paid for about 10% of what I spent on the lot and I still have hundreds left. 

Greddy car part $150

Honestly, I know nothing about this item. It’s something my husband sold off of his car, I think. But I wanted to include it to make sure you know that car parts can be great money makers!

Vintage Jerry Garcia Band Concert Tee $125.99 

This actually came from my dads collection. When he passed away in 2015 my mom, sister and I each took what we wanted and were still left with at least 100. Many of them were old concert t-shirts from the 70s, 80s and 90s so I’ve slowly been selling them. This is probably my best sale from my dads collection so far!

Max Mara Dress $99

I found this dress at the thrift store! Max Mara is a higher end brand so when I saw that it was brand new without the tags, but still had the extra buttons attached, I grabbed it and it sold within a few weeks.

Coach Purse $84.75

My aunt was looking to get rid of some stuff so this was a consignment item for her. She gave it to me to sell and it did take a while to get the price that she wanted for it, but I knew it would sell eventually so I held out.

Vintage Magic Johnson Shirt $70.67

Another shirt from my dads collection. Took almost a year to sell, but I’m not in a hurry to sell off his items. I’m happy to wait for the right buyer.

Boston Celtics Jersey $70

One more from my dads collection. He had mostly sports and music shirts so it’s great for collectors and fans.

Russell Hobbs Coffee Maker $50

I actually got this for free! We were on our way in to Universal Studios Hollywood and E! was set up and needed an audience for a segment. At the end they gave us forms to mail in to get a free appliance from the sponsor of the segment. A few weeks later I got this coffee maker and listed it.

Jams World Dress $49.99

Not quite $50, but close enough. This sold pretty fast. I’ve been putting most of my items on auction first and then as buy it now if it doesn’t sell. I probably could have sold it for more had I held onto it, but I found it at a thrift store and am happy with the return.’

Peter Millar $54.99

I bought this at a retail store on clearance. It took a while to sell, but it was new with tags and I believe retailed for $120 so I knew it would sell eventually.

Calypso St Barth Dress $52.88

Thrift store find! Sold relatively quickly.

Relwen $53.99

I actually found this at the thrift store when I was shopping with my sister. It looks like a plain ol’ crewneck, but it felt nice so I checked the tag and then looked it up on eBay. Needless to say I’m happy I did!

JNCO Jeans $56

These are actually from a few years back from when I first started selling on eBay. They were missing a button, but I remembered people wearing them when I was in school so I figured someone needed them! Funny enough it went to my hometown to someone who I went to school with (but didn’t know personally). 

Peets Mugs – $129.42, $148.42 & $59.99

These were one of my best finds ever! I kept passing the cattail mug in the thrift store and couldn’t stop side eyeing it. I finally decided to just look it up and I was shocked. I searched the rest of the mugs (two full aisles!) and found two more. All in all I had about $6 invested!

As you can see some of these are items that most of us wouldn’t notice right away as being worth good money. The more you sell and the more you spend time researching the better your instincts will be. I’m sure we all pass valuable items every time we’re in the store!

Are there any items that I listed above that you’re surprised to find out how much it sold for? Let me know in the comments!

And if you’re an ebay seller feel free to share one of your favorite sales below as well 🙂

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