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2018 Business Goals and Planning

New years always get me so excited! I know I’m not the only one. You gets to start fresh. After looking at last years recap and income I’m determined to absolutely crush it this year. We will be having a lot of adjustments with a new baby coming and my husband being home for 3 months while we all get to bond. During that time he’ll be helping me grow MY businesses into OUR family businesses. That’s always been the ultimate goal, for us to all work together and be in control total control of our time and lives.

Main focus for 2018

Although I’ve always had a lot of income streams and projects going I’ve learned that it’s really important to focus on one until you grow it to where you want it to be or else you just end up insanely busy with little to no success. It’s something I’ve struggled with for years! I’ll be spending 80% of my time growing eBay and the rest working on our other income streams.

Ebay is something my husband and I can do together and something I feel really good about because I truly believe in buying second hand to save money and to help out the environment. My husband isnt the most tech savvy, but he’s awesome at pretty much everything else. Right now, while working his full time job, he’s also keeping our inventory organized, helping me with shipping, pulling orders, etc.

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