Income Report: How I Made $4,000 From Home in April 2018

Welcome to another income report! I’m pretty intermittent with these, but I’m trying to be better about posting each month especially now that I’m no longer pregnant and we’re two months into life with two kids. We’re getting things down, slowly but surely. As of the day I’m writing this my husband officially quit his job and we’re in this as a family business!

Why do I share how much I make? While a lot of people find this information truly personal, I really don’t mind talking money. Especially when it comes to something like working from home as an entrepreneur. I want to be able to not only track my progress as my businesses grow, but also show others that you can make money from home.

Now let’s get to the good stuff…


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How I Made over $3,500 From Home in January 2018

Welcome to my super late January income report! What’s funny is I’ve had the video up for a while, click here to watch on Youtube. In this report I’ll let you know how I did as far as online business last month and my plans for the current month.

Why do I share how much I make? While a lot of people find this information truly personal, I really don’t mind talking money. Especially when it comes to something like working from home as an entrepreneur. I want to be able to not only track my progress as my businesses grow, but also show others that you can make money from home. Even as a stay at home mom to a toddler with another baby on the way!
Now let’s get to the good stuff…

In January 2018 I was able to earn $3,544.06 working from home part time!

This total includes a variety of different income streams which I will happily break down for you real quick.
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2018 Business Goals and Planning

New years always get me so excited! I know I’m not the only one. You gets to start fresh. After looking at last years recap and income I’m determined to absolutely crush it this year. We will be having a lot of adjustments with a new baby coming and my husband being home for 3 months while we all get to bond. During that time he’ll be helping me grow MY businesses into OUR family businesses. That’s always been the ultimate goal, for us to all work together and be in control total control of our time and lives.

Main focus for 2018

Although I’ve always had a lot of income streams and projects going I’ve learned that it’s really important to focus on one until you grow it to where you want it to be or else you just end up insanely busy with little to no success. It’s something I’ve struggled with for years! I’ll be spending 80% of my time growing eBay and the rest working on our other income streams.

Ebay is something my husband and I can do together and something I feel really good about because I truly believe in buying second hand to save money and to help out the environment. My husband isnt the most tech savvy, but he’s awesome at pretty much everything else. Right now, while working his full time job, he’s also keeping our inventory organized, helping me with shipping, pulling orders, etc.

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2017 Online Business Income & Recap

Now that 2017 is behind us it’s time for a recap! I have to admit that the year didn’t go as I planned. I had all these grand plans, but by the time summer hit I had things pop up (gallstones and pregnancy) that pretty much stopped me in my tracks for a good three months. I’m still recovering and trying to build my eBay sales back up to where they were before that happened, but considering everything that happened I’m still pretty happy with the year.

The good

It was my first full year selling on eBay! I’ve learned that I really do enjoy it, despite the fact that it means I constantly have stuff in my house. For a wannabe minimalist that was hard for me to accept at first. It’s really a great way for me to not only bring in an income while home with my son, but also do something that I feel is helping, instead of hurting, the environment. That was something I really struggled with in past businesses like my online boutique that I ran years ago.

Despite the fact that the last half of the year was a struggle (including three months almost completely off) I still did over $15,000 in sales on eBay alone.

The bad

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How to Use Paypal to Send Clients Professional Invoices

When I started as a freelance designer in 2012 I basically gave away my blog designs. I started on Etsy to find clients. As my portfolio grew, my rates went up and I moved to my own site and was able to stopped selling my services on Etsy. Since I was on my own I had to find a new way to invoice clients. Paypal was the first payment system I used to invoice my clients. I’ve been using Paypal for years from buying and selling online, I already had an account so it was an easy choice.

Over the course of the last few years I strayed. I tried several different ways to collect payments like Freshbooks (love) and Wave (don’t love) and a few others that I can’t remember off the top of my head. But recently I came back to my tried and true method: Paypal. Truth be told, I don’t invoice clients a lot these days because I don’t do much design work. I’m working on diversifying my income and moving away from doing design work so I decided it was silly to pay a monthly fee when I could do it straight from Paypal with just the transaction fee (similar to what every payment processor will charge you).

If you haven’t tried Paypal for invoicing yet you should! It’s simple and there is no monthly subscription fee to worry about. Plus it’s been around a long time so people know the name and trust it.

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How to Make Extra Money Selling Your Stuff on Facebook

In an effort to simplify I’m constantly going through the house to donate or sell items that we don’t need anymore. We are always bringing new items into our homes and I do my best to make a conscious effort to also remove items from my home on a regular basis. My absolute favorite way these days is to sell on local Facebook groups! Some people call them Facebook Buy/Sell Groups or Facebook Yard Sale Groups. Whatever you want to call them, they’re basically local groups for a city or regional area where people can list items they want to sell. I’ve mad at least $1,000 doing this over the last 1-2 years and you can too!

Why Facebook and not Craigslist? Craigslist used to be the go to place for selling your stuff locally. I used it all the time! But listing on Facebook is just so much easier! I get more interest because people are constantly on Facebook, I can check someones profile to make me feel a little better knowing who I’m meeting up with and it’s so much faster than Craigslist. We still use craigslist on occasion, my husband has better luck with cars and car parts there, but in general Facebook is the place to sell locally now and we’ve had tons of success with it.

Note: This post was originally published on another blog of mine back in 2016! I’ve sold much more on Facebook since then.

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