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4 Ways to Get the Most from Your Existing Content

Use existing content for new posts

You work really hard on your blog post and finally get it published, share it a few times and the move onto the next one. That’s how blogging goes for a lot of us, right? Don’t do this!

You don’t have to be done with posts just because you’re done writing them. Don’t let them die and move onto the next. Keep those posts and make the most of your hard work by repurposing your existing content.

I’ve been blogging for almost 10 years at this point (does that make me sound old?) and what I’ve been focusing on lately is quality content, not just posting as much as possible. I spend a lot of time trying to create quality, helpful content, but even with great posts that people find useful my traffic hasn’t grown to where I wanted it to be.

So rather than spending all of my time on new content I’ve been making my existing content work for me. I already put the time and effort in researching, planning and creating so here are the ways I’m making my existing content work for me.

Before I get started feel free to download the free workbook if you’re ready to start working on repurposing content.

repurpose your existing blog post content workbook

Sharing Old Posts on Social Media

How often have you written a post or created a graphic and shared it to social media once, maybe twice? That’s not enough. Not only because just a handful of people saw them, but also because of all the people that did how many do you think actually clicked on it or acknowledged it?

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Organize and Digitize Paper Clutter as a Business Owner

Raise your hand if you have a desk covered in random paper. Or drawers stuffed with paper. Or a purse stuffed with receipts. I know I’m not the only one! I’ve been working on tackling paper clutter for years. It’s a constant battle, but one of those things you just kind of deal with. You shuffle the papers around, maybe file a few, probably lose a bunch. The thing is you don’t want to waste time organizing it because who has time for that? But you’re wasting time constantly shuffling it around and digging through to find that one receipt from last month.

So let’s talk about getting that paper clutter under control because seriously, it’s getting out of hand.

What do you need to keep anyway?

When dealing with clutter or too much of anything I think the first thing you need to decide is what is important. When our mail comes I recycle or toss probably 80% or more of what comes in. The same goes for your business a lot of the time. The only things I really keep are receipts and invoices, documents like seller licenses and tax related paperwork. I’m sure there are a few other things I’m missing, but I don’t generally print or keep much else.

This info graphic over at Apartment Therapy might help you decide what to keep vs get rid of.

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Income Report: How I Made $4,000 From Home in April 2018

Welcome to another income report! I’m pretty intermittent with these, but I’m trying to be better about posting each month especially now that I’m no longer pregnant and we’re two months into life with two kids. We’re getting things down, slowly but surely. As of the day I’m writing this my husband officially quit his job and we’re in this as a family business!

Why do I share how much I make? While a lot of people find this information truly personal, I really don’t mind talking money. Especially when it comes to something like working from home as an entrepreneur. I want to be able to not only track my progress as my businesses grow, but also show others that you can make money from home.

Now let’s get to the good stuff…


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