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How I Made over $3,500 From Home in January 2018

Welcome to my super late January income report! What’s funny is I’ve had the video up for a while, click here to watch on Youtube. In this report I’ll let you know how I did as far as online business last month and my plans for the current month.

Why do I share how much I make? While a lot of people find this information truly personal, I really don’t mind talking money. Especially when it comes to something like working from home as an entrepreneur. I want to be able to not only track my progress as my businesses grow, but also show others that you can make money from home. Even as a stay at home mom to a toddler with another baby on the way!
Now let’s get to the good stuff…

In January 2018 I was able to earn $3,544.06 working from home part time!

This total includes a variety of different income streams which I will happily break down for you real quick.
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